Kelly McGillis inspired every girl with her gorgeous physique and had every teenage boy hanging posters of her on their bedroom walls. She started her acting career when she was 26 years old in the film Reuben, Reuben. A few years later, her role in Top Gun alongside Hollywood legend Tom Cruise turned her into an icon. The movie remains one of the most important films of all time.

The actress, who is now 63 years old, has been bold and frank about her struggles in the industry as she has gotten older.

She recently told an interviewer that she has some insecurities, especially when it comes to the casting process and her qualifications. She said she has accepted the fact that it’s been a bit hard for her to land some new roles due to her age, despite the fact that she still has some gas left in her tank. However, fans of McGillis need not worry, as she was recently cast in the upcoming film Annie Cook.