These Celebrities Manage To Freeze The Time And Never Look Old

Robert Downey Jr. – Born In 1965

Before Robert Downey Jr. reached his present status as one of the most respected actors in Hollywood, young Robert was troublesome. He went through phases of notoriety, substance abuse, and run-ins with the law. His lawyer must have earned a lot from clearing up all his mess. Fast forward to the present, and we all see a different Robert – hardworking, handsome, rich, and famous. In September 2006, he received the most important role of his career “Iron Man”. The success of 2008’s “Iron Man” brought Robert back to the top of his career.

In the same year, he was nominated for major awards for his perfect performance in the film “Tropical Thunder”. Whether donned in his Iron Man suit or merely hanging out with his co-stars in The Avengers; Whether it’s Holmes with his high intelligence and good skills, or his Victorian interaction with Jude Law in the interview, Robert commands respect. The versatile A-lister is continuously praised by critics and adored by his loyal fans.