Celebrity Weight Loss: Their Inspring Success Stories And Journeys


Thirty years into Kathleen Turner’s acting career, she started gaining weight. Even she was surprised by the weight that she gained and so as her fans. Usually with female celebrities, they gain weight when they least expect it and that is true with Kathleen’s case. She kept ignoring her weight and didn’t even attempt to control the increasing pounds she kept adding to the scale. What made her change her lifestyle is when she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

At her age, having a medical condition would be a detriment to her career and this was when Kathleen needed to turn her life around. She started adopting a fitness routine and a healthier lifestyle, which all worked out for her. She also credits her strict diet for achieving the healthy weight that she has now. Now that she’s fit, she amazingly gained back her confidence and is now back into the acting industry.