Retirement Plan: Less Recommended State For Retirement Retreat


If you are planning to get a good old golf session every day after your retirement, the state of New Jersey might be the perfect place for you. However, if you’re not considering that, well, we suggest looking elsewhere.

A lot of financial advisors consider many factors for the perfect retirement retreat, such as state and local tax rates. In that regard, New Jersey holds the second-highest in the country. Also, the cost of living is included in the top brass, with almost 22 percent higher than the national average. If you don’t mind spending extra dollars on taxes, New Jersey might be the state for you!


California is known as one of the world’s busiest cities, and it is also home to many beautiful sceneries. It also holds some of the best wines that money can buy, what more could you ask for? California truly has everything that you are looking for, such as the mountainous landscape, breathtaking river system and has direct access to the Pacific Ocean.

In reality, the state might more suitable for vacations rather than long-term residence, especially if you are considering staying for good after your retirement. Like New Jersey, it has one of the highest rates when it comes to taxes. Money management can also be an issue since it ranks as the second-highest in terms of cost of living.


New York is one of the premier states in the United States, and you also need to keep in mind that living in this state can be expensive. Many financial advisors recommend residing in New York after retirement should be placed near the bottom of your list.

The main reason for that would be the 29 percent figure that went above the norm for the national average when it comes to the cost of living. It is also included in the poorest performing states when we talk about healthcare provisions. New York is even falling behind for providing a quality life for senior citizens compared to other countries. If you are willing to tackle these, by all means, you can go ahead and put it as your permanent residence.


The state of Connecticut has one of the most expensive state income taxes and local property taxes. In that case, a real estate investment in this state might not be an excellent idea. The same can be said for retirees looking to save up some of their hard-earned cash for their enjoyment.

Things may start turning even worse after giant companies like General Electric and Aetna moved out of Connecticut. That translates to state losses for any potential tax sources. Ultimately, there’s a big chance that the state officials will look for something else to cover the gap.


In 2002, there was a film called Sweet Home Alabama that showcased almost all the good things in the state. However, if you are a retiree looking for a retirement place to settle, Alabama might not be as sweet as the movie portrays.

When we talk about property insurance risks, most of the state is considered to be high-risk. The main reason for that has something to do with the Dixie Alley or popularly known as Tornado Alley. So if you don’t mind battling against a big surge of wind knocking in your doorstep, this might be the perfect place for you!


The state of Washington is known for its nature reserves that are filled with beautiful sceneries. It is also home to some of the cleanest air we could get out of any states across the United States. In that regard, most people will say that it is healthier to live in Washington compared to other places in the country.

That may be true, but Washington is currently ranking in the bottom fifth in terms of living after retirement. We also need to consider that the state is included in the bottom 25 percent out of all the states in the country in terms of crime rates, so you need to get a top-notch home security system if you’re planning to retire in Washington. The cost of living, weather, and overall wellness are also included in the bottom 25 percent.


Beautiful scenery, stunning places, and abundant wildlife, that’s what Alaska has to offer on paper when we consider living in that state. In reality, it has one of the worst weather listed in the country. We also need to consider crime rates, which is considerably high compared to other states.

Many financial advisors choose Alaska as one of their premier vacation spot but not a permanent resident for a retiree. The cost of living is also considerably high, but the right thing, local and state taxes aren’t that high compared to other places.


Maryland is considered as one of the worst places for retirees. The main driver for that, though, is the state’s poor rating when it comes to the cost of living and the overall wellness of its citizens. Taxes in most necessities, such as gas, are listed in the top spot compared to other states.

The situation also has gotten worst thanks to housing costs around the state. On the bright side, Maryland has one of the best weather around the country. If you can live with the negatives, this might be the right place for your retirement.


Oregon might be the right place if you are thinking about retirement, except if you are planning to get a real estate investment along with the coastal cities such as Portland. According to records, housing costs have increased to a whopping 7.5 percent for the last year.

Good thing, sale taxes is not that high compared to other places and practically depend on the shopping habits you have. We also suggest adding raincoats and rain boots to your grocery list since the western side of Oregon gets an average of 200 inches of rainfall yearly.


Most retirees that consider South Carolina might need to rethink their future plans. Although the state is not in the worst spot considering the average cost of living in the country, it is still 7 percent below the median line.

Working-class from this state will also tell you that the state offers lower salaries compared to other nations around the country. Healthcare is also a concern for this state since South Carolina is included in the top ten list of states with issues regarding weight control. A home security system is also a must with high crime rates compared to neighboring countries.


If a retiree is concerned with healthcare insurances, the state of Texas might not be the perfect place to settle. In fact, the doctor-patient ratio in the state is one of the worst in the country, grabbing the third spot. With that in mind, specialists can sometimes be hard to find.

It may also be a tough spot for nursing homes, especially with the limited number of practitioners in the area. That translates to sub-average senior citizen care compared to other states in the country.


Perfect weather is essential for a relaxing day for a retiree. However, if you’re in Louisiana, you’ll rarely get it. Most of the time, areas around the state are more humid than others. Most properties have their own property insurance policy because of category four or five hurricanes that knock into the doorstep every summer.

It is also home to high taxes, which is above the standard limit compared to other states. Not to mention the 10 percent crime rate that is above the median line, which places Louisiana as the second-highest in the country.


Cold weather can sometimes affect most knees of people, and if you don’t mind the harsh and cold winter, Minnesota seems to be a lovely place to settle for retirement. Almost yearly, the state is covered with snow that can sometimes reach above 40 inches. The temperatures in the early parts of the year have an average of around 0.2 degrees.

Additionally, the state has a higher than average cost of living when compared to neighboring countries. Many financial advisors also believe that wages in the state are considered lower than the nation’s average as well.


Kentucky is known as the Bluegrass State thanks to species of grass found in its rich and vast land. Some employees wanted to spend their retirement years on these pastures. However, what they don’t consider is expensive healthcare insurance coverage and entertainment facilities that focus on senior citizens.

The state makes up with its shortcomings with its low tax rates and low cost of living. You have to weigh in your options and consider the pros and cons when you have plans to live in Kentucky.


New Mexico has a mix of cold alpine climate from the north while warm and dry to the south. Considering that, many future retirees plan to live in this state after their retirement. However, many financial advisors will not agree to their thoughts, especially after learning that New Mexico has housing costs that are around 20 percent higher than the national average.

It also suffers from more crime rates compared to other states around the country. If you wanted to face those, you are more than welcome to be part of New Mexico.


West Virginia has a low cost of living compared to others on this list. In fact, the state’s cost of living is just 3 percent short of the country’s average line. With that figure, many employees consider living in the vicinity of West Virginia after they retired.

Just a quick side note, it might be tempting to live in this state considering the cost of living, but when we are talking about healthcare costs, it will be a different discussion. West Virginia is home to some of the ridiculous healthcare and healthcare insurance policies in the market. It also holds a high number of people behind the poverty lines that significantly affect the crime rates of the state.

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