The Life and Challenges of Celine Dion


Far from the glamorous life of fashion and realty investments, Celine’s childhood life is far different from what she now has. She is the 14th and the youngest child of a financially challenged family.
With the quality of life they had back in the day, and after giving birth for the 13th time, she was the last thing her mother, Thérèse Tanguay-Dion, would want to have. They were so poor, and their house was so crowded. In fact, when she was a baby, she was sleeping in a cabinet drawer so that she could have a space of her own.


When Celine was only five years old, she had a truck accident that almost caused her life. She was in a week-long coma and even suffered a skull fracture. Miraculously, she recovered. She didn’t even have any sign of getting into an accident at all. It’s just amazing how, as a child, she endured this degree of challenges and difficulties.


When Celine was only five years old, she already exposed to singing and performing live in front of a lot of people, using their family’s small piano bar in their hometown, Charlemagne, Quebec. The bar was named Le Vieux Brazil. It was in this family’s investment where her love for music and performing grew.


Celine was also five years old when she performed at her brother’s wedding. She sang Céline, a song by the famous French artist Hugues Aufray that he released two years before the famous singer was born. It was the song for which she was named after by her parents. Everyone noticed her extraordinary talent after watching her incredible performance. All credit goes to the family of musicians Celine belongs to, as that day, it becomes clear that she doesn’t only have a potential but a pure talent she has to explore.


Celine had all the signs of becoming a great singer. So, her mother did everything to hone, train, and develop her talent. With the extraordinary voice she had, her mom and older brother, Jacques, composed some songs for her to sing. Credits to her mom’s and brother’s efforts, she got Rene Angelil’s attention. Since then, they were sure her talent would never go to waste.


Celine’s mom sent her first song demo to Rene. It also came with a note, saying, “This is a 12-year-old with a fantastic voice. Please listen to her. We want her to be like Ginette Reno.” Just like other demos, Celine’s almost got wasted. But thanks to her brother, the producer tried to listen to her song. Upon hearing her voice, Rene wasted no time and invited her for an audition. After that, she became Rene’s valuable investment.


For her audition, Rene gave Celine a fake mic and told her to sing as if she was in a sold-out concert. After Celine did what she was told, Rene was left stunned of her singing voice. Right there and then, she knew she would hit it big. He wanted to help Celine achieve her dreams and got ready to overcome all the obstacles to get her to the top. He saw it right, and she proved she would be a worthy investment.

On the other hand, Celine knew was confident that she did a great job when she saw how emotional Rene got while watching her perform.


Rene knew that producing a talent was a gamble, and Celine was his biggest personal risk. He put his house on loan to have enough resources to fund the release of Celine’s first album. Crazy as it might sound, but she was his most significant investment. He knew his doing the right thing as he would hit the jackpot with Celine’s talent. All their sacrifices paid off when her song topped Canada’s song charts.


When Pope John II visited Quebec in 1984, Celine was asked to sing the national anthem in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium in the presence of the pope and thousands of her fans. Just like all of Celine’s performances, which nothing was short of excellent, she sang heartily. The pope very much enjoyed her performance, and likewise, she was delighted to be singing for him as not all music artists got the chance to perform in his presence-quite a credit she got from this gig.


In her rise to stardom, there were speculations about the real score of her relationship with Rene, but there was never any confirmation coming from either of them right away. Finally, just before the launching of The Colour of My Love, an album credit to Celine’s name, the big reveal about their romance happened. It was the perfect way to reveal the inspiration behind the album – a compelling story to tell.


Before the secret was revealed, they were able to keep their romance to themselves for five years. Despite the worries about how the public would take it, it was Celine who insisted and braved telling their love story. “When you’re in love, you want to scream it to the world,” she said. That’s how powerful her degree of love for Rene was.


Celine was only 12 years old when she started to work closely with the already 38-year-old Rene. This led her to develop deep feelings for him. So when her mother learned of it, she did everything to snap Celine out of it, letting her see that he was not the right guy for him after having two failed marriages and with three children.

However, when Celine and Rene’s relationship blossomed, her mother became their biggest opponent, together with the rest of the world. Her mom tried everything to the degree of ruining their relationship as she only wanted a perfect prince charming for her daughter.


Celine turned 19 years old, and the love affair was just inevitable with both of them working closely together. With both of them aware about the degree of the odds they were up against, they put it all in and got married anyway. Despite the May-December romance and criticisms, like his being married twice and how she was even younger than his son, Patrick Angeli, from his first marriage, they tied the knot in 1994. Rene was the only man Celine knew, the only man she loved and wanted to be with even if their love was against all the odds.


Celine’s mother wanted her daughter to have a prince charming. But, Rene surpassed her expectation and made Celine a true-to-life princess at their wedding. Celine’s wedding dress was designed and by the fashion designer couple, Mirella and Steve Gentile, along with their team. They made her a handmade 20-foot long wedding gown that took them 1,000 hours to finish. They completed her style with a 20-pound tiara that gave her a real princess look. Their nuptial became the wedding of the year and even the talk of the town until today.

Despite the lavish wedding, Rene didn’t opt for any loans to finance it. This time, they both have the money to afford a grandiose nuptial, befitting one of the world’s greatest singers.


As their wedding became the talk of the town, it seemed to be a mini-replica of a royal wedding, which was also televised live. Celine and Rene tied the knot in Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica on December 17, 1994, and it was Canada’s counterpart of a Royal Wedding, credits to the number of people who wanted to watch it live. There was never a wedding like that in Canada before theirs.


As a starter, Celine had a lot of things to do to establish her career, but Rene never demanded anything from her too much. Bearing in mind the life they had when she was young and remembering all her family’s dreams for her, her career became her drive and priority. So it got to the point that Rene had to make sure she got her much-needed break even if she was still at the beginning of her career. It might be risky to take that time away, but despite the risk, she took a break for 18 months. It was these timeouts that she got a meaningful return of investments (of time). Celine even thought her maturity flourished while taking this break.


Even with the degree of success Celine has managed to attain, she is no exception to life’s issues. Despite her controversial relationship and health issues, she always makes sure she is at her best to perform. She is one of the most resilient music stars whose strength and endurance in their game spark inspiration to many. She is an inspiration to everyone by the way she handles her career, controversies and other issues.


Rene was everything for Celine. She gave her husband all credit for who she has become as a person and a music artist. So, when he got diagnosed with throat cancer in 1999, it was the most trying time for her – not just as his wife but as his talent as well.

Celine learned the devastating news when she was doing her world tour, Let’s Talk about Love. At the time, she was in the middle of her performance.

Rene needed to be confined in a hospital for his treatments, and Celine did everything to look after her husband. She even made sure that he would get the best care and quality of life possible.

Fortunately, he recovered after extensive cancer treatments. Rene even appeared in Simple Plan’s music video for Saving You as a cancer survivor.


Despite the growing success of her career, Rene and Celine still wanted to build a family of their own. But with numerous unsuccessful attempts, they knew they had to take their time and investment in medical procedures to boost their chances. In 2000, Celine took her well-deserved break from concerts and tours and focused in preparing herself for family. Finally, in 2001, after two in-vitro fertilization procedures, Celine gave birth to their firstborn and named him Rene-Charles Dion Angelil.


Despite being a big hit and becoming the iconic song of the movie Titanic, not everyone knew that Celine didn’t like My Heart Will Go On. She had all the negative thoughts and doubts about this song. After her experiences doing a successful hit for a movie before, she thought they were pushing their luck with this song. She believed it would yield negative results and that it might affect her singing career. For this song credit, Rene tried to convince her to do the song anyway. To give it a try, he asked her to do a demo recording and see what would happen. As a result, My Heart Will Go On became Celine’s trademark song. Her demo became the original recording, which she only did once.


Celine was already making a name for herself far beyond Canada. She was once again asked to do another hit song that would be featured as the official song of the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast.” Effortlessly, the song earned her various accolades as she won her first Grammy from this song credit.

Despite the success, Celine still experienced a major drawback. She refused to accept her Felix Award as the English Artist of the Year to honor her Quebecois fans and show that she took pride in her roots as a French-Canadian.


Celine didn’t only inherit the love of music from her family but her passion, taste, and skill for cooking. Her mom is a renowned chef in Quebec. In 1990, Celine opened her first restaurant, called Nickels, in Quebec. Seeing her first success, she then expanded and opened other branches in other locations across Canada. Just like her songs, her restaurants also became a sure hit that it became part of her money-earning investments.


As a consequence of ill-gotten information, Celine took a published statement of a magazine company, National Enquirer, into a lawsuit for $20 million. The incident happened sometime in the 1990s when there had been such a degree of stress for her. After releasing 13 albums, learning Rene’s situation, and the stress that rumor magazines are causing, Celine decided to take a break. This time, she wanted to prioritize her family’s needs. As for the other party, despite annoying several celebrities, they remained undented and only donated to the American Cancer Society.


Celine Dion has earned credits of awards to her name, which included the highest honor her province can give, The National Order of Quebec. She was also given stars in both the Hollywood and Canadian Walks of Fame. To add more prestige, she became a recipient of the honorary doctorate from the Laval University. She dedicated the award to her husband Rene and called it “a very great honor for a little girl from Charlemagne.”


When Celine decided to learn English and to sing more songs in the language, it didn’t only benefit her career more, but it also gave her another degree of confidence. Immediately, people noticed her evolution and the improvement of her English pronunciation in her songs. Her eighth and comeback French album, Incognito, only sold half a million copies compared to her first English album, Unison, which topped the charts of Canada, America, and other countries. Unison sold 3 million copies, which proved that her move to release an international album succeeded.


Dion shifted globally and went to great lengths in her career by launching her first English album, Unison, in 1990. Her advances in her career brought her further to the degree of becoming America’s sweetheart. Since then, she could finally say that she already fulfilled her family’s dream of seeing her go big and famous worldwide. The songs in her first English album were all a hit, especially Where Does My Heart Beat Now, which became a top 10 hit for a long time.


In 2012, a viral infection affected Celine’s voice to the degree that all her engagements for the year were canceled. In an interview, when asked if it shook her, she said, “I don’t depend on my vocal cords; I don’t depend on my success and my singing. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, but I don’t hold on to that. When you have children, you have accomplished a lot.” While she had, initially, zero plans to cancel the tour, her doctors, on the other hand, asked her to have complete rest, or she would damage her vocal cords even more.


Celine and Rene have raked in bulks of acquisitions and major investments over the years. It includes a $72 million mansion in Florida. Their Florida mansion reportedly has a golf course, three pools, and a water park. We could all just wonder why it has to be that extravagant. The couple might be enjoying recreational activities, and for such an acquisition, they must have excellent money management.


A decade after the controversial lawsuit, the couple was blessed with twins later on. Eddy and Nelson were born on October 23, 2010. Nelson was named after Nelson Mandela, while his twin brother, Eddy, credits to the producer of their mother’s first five albums, Eddy Marnary. Their children’s name showed that the couple valued people who made a difference not just in their life but in other’s as well. What a value to share to many.


Celine is also known for her active role in charity works. She is one of the generous responders when a terrifying tsunami hit Asia in 2004. She was able to organize an event that raised $1 million for the victims. Also, for Hurricane Katrina, she donated $1 million for the affected. It was also a time for her to sing different music. Her passion for change overtook her and caused her to move to a degree of voicing out a real and relevant concern. At the time, she regarded the inefficiency of the US Government in responding to the crisis.


In 2003, Celine’s father, Adhemar Dion, died after battling an illness. The songbird quotes in a performance, “My dad was and is still my number one fan since I was a very little girl. I know that my dad would want me to be here tonight on stage with everyone I love, doing what we love.” Her father played a vital role in who she is as a song artist. It is common knowledge in the family how her dad passed his musical genes to his children. For all the music his children made, they gave him credit for passing on the talent and the love for music. So, his dreams and passion live on through them.


Celine and Rene have three boys together, and they’re just way too young to lose their father. Celine, however, did a great job of preparing her kids for their father’s death. Credits to her great parenting skill, the boys went through the process with their loving mother guiding them all together, from being informed about their father’s illness to preparing for his condition and dealing with it afterward. When asked about it, Celine said, “I’m proud of the way I prepared my boys for their dad’s death. In life, you never know what’s going to happen, so you should never wait for tomorrow to do what can be done today, to say I love you, or send a thank-you note…The future is now.”


Now at the age of 17, Rene Charles Angelil Jr. is quite making a name for himself in the music industry. His rap covers hitting no. 1 and no. 2 on the SoundCloud charts under SoundCloud account credit, Big Tip. His first public appearance happened in 2016 when he presented the Billboard Icon Award to his mother after she performed the 1991 hit song by Queen, The Show Must Go On. At the time, many were amazed by how handsome he was.


To this day, Celine’s mother is still healthy and lives well. In 2017, her mom celebrated her 90th birthday, and all the members of the family came together to celebrate the special event. Although quite a few important people were missing, like their patriarch, Adhemar, her brother, Daniel, who died two days later after Rene’s death, they all seemed to have it all together and happy to celebrate the birthday of their matriarch. Indeed, their time and bond together as a family, despite their trials, was the investment they built on. So they still keep together.


Talk show hosts and journalists love Celine for her joyful attitude and playful responses to interviews. For instance, in her guest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she was significantly noticed for her jewelry. Her happy response went to a degree of a Donna Summer’s song line; “she worked hard for the money.” To this day, she is one of the most accessible celebrities to have an interview with. Her attitude toward people is just incredible.


Celine experienced the most challenging week when her brother also died of cancer, two days after Rene’s death. The whole of the Dion family kept together through the ordeal. It was the worst week for her and her family. Cancer got them to that degree of consecutive deaths in the family.


Because they got the love for music from their father, Celine’s siblings were also talented singers of their own right. Claudette, one of her older sisters, also pursued a music career. However, though she didn’t hit it big as Celine did, they were still a showcase of music heaven together. What proper credits to the genes that spread it on.


Even with a high degree of success in the music industry, this songbird took her interest in fashion to the next level and decided to make money out of it. After all, she is one of the celebrities who are best known for her fashion sense. According to Celine, it was her family who convinced her to start her own clothing brand. As of date, she has over 200 pieces in her line, and it has been an excellent investment.


In 2007, Celine Dion was undoubtedly one of the most talented stars. Hence, she made her first TV Show credit as a guest star in an ABC hit soap opera, All My Children. Though it never happened again and didn’t give birth to a new career for her, she remained to be a world-renowned celebrity as she should rightfully be in the music industry. She is also a big fashion and business influencer.


A world-known songbird, who’s quite dabbling in other fields, she remains to be the passionate queen of pop that she is in the industry. Celine has come a long, thanks to her hard work and endurance.  Her talent in singing, through the years, has never been short of fantastic. She is now worth an impressive $700 million. She is indeed quite the investment, as Rene Sr. initially thought.


Celine Dion is one of the select few Canadian celebrities to have been awarded a star credit in both the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Canadian Walk of Fame. Yes, she is worth the visit and a picture with her stars if ever you are in the area of any of these two countries. Keep your eye open for it!


A fun trivia fact about Celine is how she is related to Madonna, Shania Twain, and Beyonce on credit of French-Canadian, Zacharie Cloutier. It is said that Cloutier, in 1634, left France and ventured into North America. His family is said to be one of the early inhabitants of what was then called New France. All these performers discovered that they could trace back their bloodlines to Cloutier, making them all relatives to some degree. Not bad, as one can only think that Cloutier must be one heck of a singer or performer, too. Now that’s a fantastic story!


Celine is known for her performances in different languages. Aside from performing mainly in French and English, she upped her game to the degree of learning to sing in other prominent languages like in Spanish, Italian, German, Latin, Japanese, and Mandarin. This girl just knows how to impress!


As her career has spanned many decades and counting, so does Celine’s wealth has grown over her stay in the industry that she plows and roughs. So it’s not a surprise if she is making an absolute fortune. With all her sold-out concert tickets and record sales, she is bound to earn the bucks. In the year 2000, she accumulated $465 million from her Las Vegas performances and declared as the highest-earning celebrity. In addition, all her other investments simultaneously generate cash for her and her family. She has various incomes coming from her restaurant chains, real estate investments, other TV gigs, and her baby fashion brand.


Blessed with numerous hits of song credits to her name, Celine made it to charts and world tours. However, not all of her songs made it that far. For example, from the animated movie American Tail: Fievel Goes West, Dreams to Dream did not become very popular. No matter how Celine kept going until her next new hit and that’s just the way it was. Another almost mid-career miss she probably had was her comeback album in 2002, A New Day Has Come. It was released after her nearly three years break from the limelight after focusing and welcoming her twins. The album, although it sold 12 million copies around the world, was a far miss from her immediately preceding albums that hit 32 and 31 million copies sold. Still, hitting multiple platinum records in many countries is a massive success for many of the artists. Sometimes, we just can’t have it all.


As golf has been Celine and Rene’s favorite activity, the two made great effort to modernize their golf club in Quebec, Le Mirage. In 2008, an advertisement of the fancy club was posted online, inviting and encouraging visits to the course, as they said; a visit to the Mirage is an adventure in itself. Golf has been Celine’s preferred way to relax. She enjoys it as much as a spectator and a player. Hence, it was no surprise that she reached the degree of opening her own golf course after having golf lessons and sessions with Debbie Savoy-Morel. Quebecois Club had it developed to such good taste and whatnot.


Not all music artists get to perform on the Oscars floor. As she was given the honor to do so, it seemed to be no one was more deserving than Celine. She has been known for her work credits in movie soundtracks. In 2011, she lent her incredible for her own rendition of Smile, as a tribute to celebrities who passed away in the previous year. As she is no stranger to the Oscar stage, she has been able to set a record for an artist performing on that floor, and it’s all good.


When it comes to fashion, Celine can’t help but go beyond the degree of excellence. She never fails to amaze everyone time and over and again! She doesn’t only wow the audiences for her performances; she also does it with her style and fashion. Take, for example, her 1999 Oscar appearance, where she blew the minds of the many when she wore a white tuxedo backward. Though many people thought it odd for her to appear in pants and tux while all the other women wore dresses for the event, she was happy to express herself and wear it. Even though others would call it a “fashion disaster,” what’s undeniable is that Celine was able to set herself apart from other guests and was comfortable and confident with it. Despite their adverse reaction, the truth is, if she wore that ensemble today, most would have thought it stylish. That event just really showed how real her fashion sense is and how she can breakthrough and start the trend for it.


Considering how this song became very popular around the world, believe it or not, it was initially intended for Meat Loaf. The composer, Jim Steinman, must have been so happy with his decision after it became such an internationally phenomenal song. To have the song performance credit to a girl, let alone to Celine, gave the song so much life and power that related to so many. Plus, the fact that it has become one of the timeless songs we thought only the ‘60s and ‘70s legends could do.


After her husband’s death, it’s just natural for Celine to have a hard time moving on. When she was asked in an interview how she coped, she credits the comfort she got from her twins. She revealed, “I miss him a lot for my partner, for the man I was embracing, kissing, and making love with. I organize myself not to feel lonely. So what’s happened is I got myself a huge bed, and I sleep with my twins. My twins are comforting me a lot. I need them. I need them close.”


Celine Dion appears to sing pretty much any song. Take, for example, her hit cover credits of Cyndi Lauper’s I Drove All Night, Eric Carmen’s All by Myself, and John Lennon’s Beautiful Boy. These songs show how she can sing them very well and make them her own. She has the ability to give a song her own spin. Then just like magic, it becomes as if the songs are always meant for her. Not all artists have the ability like that!


In her career in the music industry, collaborations are likely to happen. For Celine, as a great reputable collaborator that she is, after hearing testimonies about her feats, it does matter who among the artists of today collaborate with her. Some of the sensational artists she was blessed to have duets with were Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson, Luciano Pavarotti, and Aretha Franklin. For aspiring talents, having the drive and time of investment for doing this will help a lot in your aim to hit it big, just like the songbird diva.


To earn a “diamond status” award, an album must first sell more than 10 million copies before any artist can credit to this prestigious status as awarded by the Record Industry Association of America. One of the handfuls of artists who got awarded by this prestigious feat is Celine. She has two albums credits that made it to this status, and they are her Falling Into You from 1996, which sold 32 million copies worldwide, and Let’s Talk About Love from 1997 that sold 31 million copies worldwide.


After various record executives’ investment on a Nielson Soundscan System in 1991 to keep an eye on album sales, data showed that only Rihanna and Mariah Carey were ahead of Celine Dion in terms of several albums sold in North America. Not bad, really. I wonder if it also showed a more comprehensive range of data, like, in the world.


Celine Dion is born into a Roman Catholic family. However, in a 2014 interview, she expressed a controversial statement revealing the degree of her faith and belief, saying, “It’s important for people to have something they can touch and believe in. I say that to believe in yourself is to believe in God. For me, God is life itself, the birds, the air, the sunrise, and the sunset, the children. Yes, that is where I find God. Not in a church.”


Celine’s success in the U.S. and Canada broke music records, so as her efforts around the world, including France. Her concerts and tour gather people from all parts of the globe, coming to watch her performance live. It is another feat, however, to penetrate not only just the French-speaking people but also the market of France. Not all artists have that degree of ability to breakthrough such a country in terms of arts and influence. Celine’s Dámour ou dámitie, however, made it to their charts that it achieved gold status in that nation alone.


Growing in the industry and keeping up with success, entail growth, and range in one’s style is no easy feat. However, Celine, who started in the industry at a very young age, proved that she’s one of those performers who have a degree of image evolution to show. To name a feat, she started with a given unfortunate nickname of “Canine Dion” because of her teeth. So she had to undergo dental operations to provide the public with her best smile. Of course, the nickname has long been gone.


With the degree of success and fame she has already reached, Celine remains to be the grateful, fun, and the modest person, most especially to her fans. She let her fans express their condolences to her in person as they have been an essential part of her life and success in the industry. Just like their wedding, the singer also chose to have her husband’s funeral broadcasted on TV so that her fans could also witness the ceremony.


In 1988, Celine Dion had an opportunity to compete in Europe’s most significant international singing competition, with participants representing primarily European countries only. She won the competition by just a point in the last vote against the United Kingdom and out of the other 19 states that joined. However, it seemed to be strange that Celine was a Canadian and had no relation to Switzerland at all. Fortunately, she managed to represent her country and compete. Her piece was Ne partez pas sans moi with composition and lyrics credits to Atilla Şereftuğ and Nella Martinetti, respectively.


The young Celine is a big fan of Michael Jackson. She shares the dream and desire to perform like him. Growing up, she looked to his performances as her inspiration. You know what they would always say that dreams do come true, and so it became for her. At the age of 18 years old, Celine already launched several album credits and several live performances, just like the late King of Pop!

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