Hollywood Queens: Here Are Some Of Your Classic TV & Film Favorites And What They Are Up To Now

We watched these Hollywood queens grow up. Maybe our parents watched them grow up. They are superstars, goddesses of the musical revolution, and pioneers of modern art. But what we are curious about is what are they doing now? From music tycoons to movie legends, from singers to TV superstars, we have collected some of Hollywood’s most enduring stories and presented them to everyone to read. Sitting in the sun, sipping a cup of coffee, let us travel through the tunnel of time and return to star-lit Hollywood to see the elegance and romance of the actresses.

Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson started her acting career in adult films in 1993. By 1996, she bagged the Top Newcomer award from three major organizations. She has since won over 35 awards and has been inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame. Aside from being a film actress, Jameson also founded her own company called ClubJenna, which provides relationship advice. It eventually grew into a multimedia empire that sold merchandise.

Not long after, the businesswoman crossed over into the mainstream movie scene, starting with a minor acting credit in the 1997 film Private Parts. Her appearances continued with several guest-starring and guest-hosting on various television programs over the next few years. In 2004, Jameson also published an autobiography, which spent six weeks on the Best Seller list of The New York Times. She is currently in a relationship with Lior Bitton, with whom she has a daughter.

Linda Evans

American actress Linda Evans is perhaps best known for her role as Krystle Carrington in the prime soap opera Dynasty. Her first guest-starring role was in 1960 when she appeared on Bachelor Father. Throughout the 1970s, she continued to appear on television, mostly in guest roles. She starred in a slew of detective shows like The Rockford Files with James Garner, Banacek with George Peppard, and McMillan & Wife with Rock Hudson.

Evans was next cast in Dynasty, which premiered in January 1981. For the role, she garnered the Best Actress Golden Globe Award and was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award. Years after the soap opera ended, she returned to the role in Dynasty’s reunion show. Now 78 years old, the actress continues to make investments in the show business. In fact, she recently starred in the 2021 movie Swan Song.

Cote De Pablo

Chilean-American Cote de Pablo attended the New World School of the Arts and then went on to study at Carnegie Mellon University, where she graduated with a degree in theater. She then moved to New York and starred in commercials, even starring in smaller roles on All My Children as well as on stage together with the New York Public Theater.

De Pablo began her professional career when she was in her teenage years, co-hosting the talk show Control for Univision. She stepped away from the limelight in order to finish school, and as soon as she graduated, she began pursuing an entertainment career full-time. Since then, she has starred on shows like The $treet and The Jury and the feature movie The Last Rites of Ransom Pride. Today, she is best recognized for her role as Ziva David on NCIS.

Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky first achieved notoriety after working as a White House intern in the 1990s. She became an international celebrity but also a persona of public scrutiny. Still, she was able to rise from her setback and subsequently engaged in various business ventures that included creating and designing a line of handbags, working as a television personality, and being a spokesperson for a diet plan.

Lewinsky then decided to leave the public eye to pursue a master’s degree in psychology, studying at the London School of Economics. In 2014, she returned to the limelight as a social activist, campaigning against cyberbullying. She also delivered a TED talk and became a strategic advisor and ambassador for the anti-bullying organization Bystander Revolution, advocating for a more compassionate Internet. More recently, the 48-year-old started Alt Ending Productions with a first-look deal at 20th Television.

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco is probably most famous for her appearance in the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. She started her Hollywood career working as a model and actress at an early age; she was only six when she starred in Quicksand: No Escape. When she was nine years old, she appeared opposite Denzel Washington in Virtuosity. Cuoco has also worked in movies like The Penthouse, Debating Robert Lee, and Hop.

However, she gained much attention after her performance in Growing Up Brady, where she received the acting credit of Marsha Brady. By 2004, she began receiving roles in sitcoms such as 8 Simple Rules, and her best-selling role as Penny in the CBS sitcom gained her further prominence. In recent years, the actress founded Yes, Norman Productions, a television production company that entered an exclusive multi-year production deal with Warner Bros. Television.

Keely Shaye Smith

Despite being actor Pierce Brosnan’s wife, Keely Shaye Smith has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She first appeared with Huey Lewis in the music video Stuck with You, which spent three weeks on the Billboard chart’s number one spot. She also starred in General Нospital with an acting credit as Valerie Freeman and soon became an environmental correspondent for ABC’s The Home Show, which earned her various awards and honors, including from the Natural Resources Defense Council.

In the mid-1990s, Smith served as a correspondent for NBC’s Unsolved Mysteries and later as a gardening expert for ABC’s Good Morning America. She later enjoyed a career as a TV producer, creating and hosting an eco-friendly home and garden show titled Home Green Home for PBS. As a journalist, she has six articles written for the magazine Los Angeles Confidential.

Barbara Mandrell

American country music singer Barbara Mandrell learned to play guitar and many other instruments, including the banjo, accordion, and saxophone. She later performed for the legendary Patsy Cline before touring with Johnny Cash and George Jones at age 13. She then decided to become a country singer, so her family hired a moving company to relocate to Nashville to start her music career. Her father served as her music manager, and with his help, she signed a music contract with Columbia Records in the late 1960s.

Over the next few years, Mandrell earned a few minor hits. Within only 48 hours of performance near the Grand Ole Opry, she received multiple offers for music contracts from six record companies. She then notched her first hit, a remake of Otis Redding’s I’ve Been Loving You Too Long. While she retired from the music scene in 2000, her legacy in the world of country music remains unbeatable.

Cassandra Peterson

Cassandra Peterson is a singer, actress, writer, and producer who gained prominence by portraying the gothic deity Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, on the weekly show Elvira’s Movie Macabre. Before Elvira, she worked as a showgirl and had minor credits in the 1974 movie The Working Girls and the 1971 James Bond film Diamonds are Forever.

In addition to acting, Peterson was the lead singer of the rock bands Latins 80 and The Snails, which led to another appearance in the 1972 comedy movie Roma. She eventually joined musical/comedy acts The Groundings and  Mamma’s Boys, where Elvira slowly surfaced. Since starting her entertainment career, she has appeared in more than 80 movies and television programs. In recent years, the 69-year-old media personality has become a producer and writer of The Elvira Show and published her own book, Elvira, Mistress of The Dark.

Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear is widely known for her role on the series Melrose Place, a role which allowed her to receive a couple of awards, including four Golden Globe nominations. Outside of Melrose Place, she is also known for appearing on several TV series. She has also been hailed as one of the world’s most beautiful people.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Locklear collaborated with producer Aaron Spelling on several projects. She appeared in a number of Spelling’s productions, including Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, and Rich Men, Single Women. Towards the end of the 2000s, the actress began to make guest appearances in Rules of Engagement and Hannah Montana before joining the cast of a rebooted version of Melrose Place in 2009. Today, Locklear continues to make investments in Hollywood, and it’s safe to say she’s nowhere near retirement

Joanne Woodward

American actress and producer Joanne Woodward grew up loving the movies. She went on to join a number of beauty pageants when she was in her teenage years and started performing in local theater productions and school plays as well. She went on to earn her degree in drama from Louisiana State University and then headed to New York to become a full-time actress. Soon enough, she landed parts in television, movie, and even Broadway productions. She appeared in Tales of Tomorrow, Count Three and Pray, and Empire Falls, among many others.

Woodward is also renowned for her work in The Three Faces of Eve, a role that earned her an Oscar Award for Best Actress. From 2001 to 2005, she served as Westport Country Playhouse’s artistic director. Despite being 91 years old, Woodward has continued to act to this day.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is a comedian, actress, talk show host, and author who has earned a high credit score for her immense work in the Hollywood industry. Her first onscreen appearance came in 1982 in Citizen: I’m Not Losing My Mind. She then created a one-woman show comprised of different character monologues by the following year, and it ran for 156 performances. Her big break came when she caught the attention of Steven Spielberg, who cast her in The Color Purple.

The 1990s was when Goldberg really hit her stride, starting by portraying a psychic in 1990’s Ghost, a blockbuster hit movie. That role won her the Oscar Award for Best Supporting Actress, and she starred in two Star Trek movies and Sister Act next. Apart from her film and talk show career, Goldberg is also an entrepreneur and co-founded Whoopi & Maya.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood skyrocketed to fame as the winner of the American Idol season four in 2005. She has since established her career as one of the most prominent mainstream music artists in the industry, breaking and setting several records over the course of her career. Her debut album, Some Hearts, was bolstered by the crossover success of her singles Before He Cheats and Jesus, Take the Wheel.

Underwood has had several number one singles that furthered her fame. Her musical achievements led her to become the youngest member of the Grand Ole Opry. She has won seven Grammy Awards, 14 Academy of Country Music Awards, 11 Billboard Music Awards, and 13 American Music Awards. In recent years, the singer launched business investments, including a fitness clothing brand named CALIA by Carrie Underwood, which is in collaboration with Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway graduated magna cum laude in her college years before earning her law degree from George Washington University. She began working in the polling business while still a law student through a job at Wirthlin Worldwide. In 1995, she launched The Polling Company, and today, serves as the CEO and president of The Polling Company Inc. Her company has been hired by numerous businesses to gather information and research on trends. For instance, companies like American Express have hired The Polling Company to conduct market research on current and upcoming trends concerning female purchasing preferences and habits.

Conway’s company soon expanded into providing opinion research on the government arena, making itself available to candidates. Since launching her business, she has made several media appearances and appeared as a commentator on Fox News, CNN, Good Morning America, and Fox Business.

Kathie Lee Gifford

Kathie Lee Gifford is perhaps best known for her extensive work as a talk show host. Her career began in earnest when she served as Anne Abernathy’s replacement as the co-host for The Morning Show in 1985. Throughout the years, she has become one of television’s most recognizable figures with hosting roles for Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee. Gifford has been nominated for Emmy Awards a couple of times and won her first in 2010.

In 2008, the TV personality joined NBC’s Today show alongside Hoda Kotb during the fourth hour. After a year, she helped raise Today’s viewership ratings by 13%. Outside of talk shows, Gifford has also worked in a number of movies and other television programs. She has also made significant real estate investments over the years, alongside her late husband, former football player Frank Gifford.


Priscilla Presley might have been famously known as Elvis Presley’s former wife, but the now-76-year-old actress has several credits of her own. She starred in a number of successful films and even dominated the small screens with the hit TV series Dallas.

Now, Priscilla has turned her focus into being a successful businesswoman. She served as the Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) chairwoman and turned the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s mansion into one of the top tourist attractions in the US.

The actress is rarely seen in the spotlight today, as she primarily gives a hand behind the scenes. Priscilla will reportedly work on a new adult animated fictional series about Elvis’ nightly incursions as a US Government spy for Netflix, titled Agent King, along with Jon Eddie and Sony Pictures. Though the project has yet to come to fruition, fans are now looking forward to its release.


Ursula Andress takes credit for being the first and one of the most memorable James Bond ladies. She played Honey Ryder in the first Bond film, Dr. No. The actress held her own strongly despite starring alongside the iconic Sean Connery. It is her appearance in this that help cement her Hollywood legacy. She has appeared in more than 40 movies and TV works so far, but her role in her first English film is still the most memorable.

Her eye-catching appearance left a deep impression on movie fans and immediately made her one of the most sought after women in the world. Due to her strong Swiss accent, her lines were dubbed in the movie. That didn’t stop her from pursuing acting, however. This initial role paved the way for her—later snapping up more prominent roles and even getting the privilege of acting alongside Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. In recent years, she has reduced her exposure opportunities. But she sometimes appears in charity events and talk shows.


Raquel Welch always captivated her audience and eventually reached the peak of her career in the 1960s. She was stunning and graceful, making it impossible not to notice her in a scene. She is popularly known for appearing in One Million Years B.C. and Fantastic Voyage. Today, she is still a very important member of popular culture. This charming lady is 80 years old and still able to fascinate the audience with her amazing beauty.

She was recognized by Playboy in 2003 as one of the top three sexiest stars. There is no doubt that for more than 50 years, Raquel has made great achievements in her career. In her acting career, she has 25 movies and a series of TV series. She also makes money through concerts. Some years after, she managed to put her investments into good use and now owns her own line of wigs, skincare, and jewelry. Her online classes and DVD collection, The Raquel Welch Total Beauty and Fitness Program, is also available on the internet.


Bo Derek started when she was 16 years old. She has given one of Hollywood’s most emotional and unforgettable performances. She was one of the few actresses in the 1970s and 1980s who changed the way the entertainment industry portrayed women. This was also when she met her future husband, John Derek. John was married and 30 years older than Bo. When they started dating, John immediately divorced his wife back then, actress Linda Evans.

The couple continued to appear in films together, such as Bolero, Tarzan: The Ape Man, and Ghosts Can’t Do It. “Ghosts” got negative reviews, but Bo continued on. She took major credit for her breakthrough role in the movie 10. The actress went on to appear in various movies such as Sunstorm, Crusader, Highland Park, and many more. She has appeared in several documentaries. People think she is a mixture of natural beauty, passion, confidence and wildness.


Milana Vayntrub is an Uzbekistan-born actress. At the age of two, she and her family immigrated to the United States and settled in Los Angeles. She is also a comedian and activist. The 33-year-old star rose to prominence when she did the AT&T TV commercials as the saleslady, Lily Adams. She did the stint from 2013 to 2016 and once again in 2020. From here, she started doing TV and movie projects, like Other SpaceHouse of LiesRising: Secret Warriors, and more. She was also part of This Is Us.

Vayntrub also ventured into voice acting. She was the voice behind Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl in the Marvel Rising franchise. However, the show’s TV pilot, New Warriors, never had the chance to air. She also has credits on some YouTube channels, like Live Prude Girls with Stevie Nelson and several CollegeHumor videos. Milana has made a lot of money from her acting career. With her talents and skills, Vayntrub has established her own beautiful lifestyle.


When we discuss Hollywood’s most influential women, there is most definitely no escaping Cher. She is widely regarded as a cultural icon with decades of career. Not only is she a film icon, but she is also a fashion and beauty legend. Her bold and iconic clothing choices may have raised some eyebrows in the early days of her career, but it is what earned her a spot in Hollywood’s Fashion Hall of Famers.

Cher is famous for her unique bass singing. In her nearly 60 years of music career, she has sold more than 100 million records, making her one of the best-selling music artists in the world. But Cher’s legacy is not limited to fashion. She is also an accomplished actress and singer with a knack for speaking her mind. Through the years, many celebrities have given credit to Cher for having influenced their fashion and music. If that does not speak Queen material, I don’t know what does.


Jane Seymour Fonda, or more commonly known as just Jane Fonda, is an American actress, singer, and former model who made her acting debut in the 1950s. Fonda’s interest in acting was mainly influenced by her father, actor Henry Fonda. Her father is a very famous actor and is considered one of the best actors of the 20th century. She gained an international reputation in the 1962 film Periodofof Adjustmen and then became Barbarella in 1968.

Though Fonda entered the world of acting in the ’50s, it was not until the ’60s that her career started to take off. In 1963, she was dubbed “the loveliest and most gifted of all our new young actresses” by the Newsday. In 1965, she became part of the ensemble for the comedy film Cat Ballou. The film ultimately received five Oscar nominations and is given credit for bringing Jane into Hollywood stardom. Now 82, Fonda is regarded as one of the pillars of modern-day Hollywood.


April Bowlby was born in Vallejo, California in 1980. She studied at Moorpark College and took courses in French, marine biology and ballet. When she was a teenager, she started her modeling career. In 2004, she made a cameo appearance in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation which was the first time she appeared on the screen. Later, she grew into one of the youngest and hottest actresses in Hollywood.

In 2006, April’s sweetheart Kandi in the CBS comedy TV series Two and a Half Men made her famous. In another comedy TV series Drop Dead Diva, she played Stacy Barrett also impressive. Recently, she played Rita Farr in Titans and its derivative series Doom Patrol. April currently lives in Los Angeles. She is single and has no children. In addition, her extensive hobbies, such as boxing, cycling and reading, make her life colorful.


Faye Dunaway is a multi-awarded winning actress who rose to fame in the 1960s. Her career started on Broadway in the early 1960s. She was successful on stage in the early days, and then became famous internationally for her work in movies. She’s the one of, if not, the very first actresses to bring Bonnie Elizabeth Parker into the silver screen. Her portrayal of Bonnie in Arthur Penn’s Bonnie and Clyde gave her her very first Academy Award.

In her brilliant career, Faye has played many famous roles and is known as the most beautiful actress in the 1970s. Having been dubbed as one of the most talented and beautiful actresses of her generation, Dunaway played a very crucial role in establishing the American New Wave which saw the resurrection of the American cinema. Dunaway remains active in the film industry and currently resides in Los Angeles at the age of 79. Dunaway is very protective of her personal life and rarely gives interviews and rarely shows up.


Halle Berry is one of Hollywood’s most iconic and successful actresses. Halle Berry may have been active in the film industry for 31 years now, which definitely does not classify her as a rookie, but compared to the other women on this list, that’s a relatively short career span. But just like all the other women on this list, Halle is a living legend amongst Hollywood superstars. Her being an African-American actress is what cemented her icon status in Tinseltown.

She became the very first Black American woman to ever win an Academy Award for Best Actress back in 2001 for her performance in the film Monster’s Ball. This is considered a momentous event in the history of the Academy as it has carved the way for more actresses of color to be given due credit for their outstanding performances in film and TV. In 2000, she starred in the X-Men series for the first time. In addition, because of Halle’s personality, Revlon made her a global brand ambassador.


Tina Turner is probably one of the most recognizable names in the music industry. She is a musical icon who profoundly influenced the music scene and was later even dubbed as the “Queen of Rock n’ Roll.” She is a musical icon who profoundly influenced the music scene and was later even dubbed as the “Queen of Rock n’ Roll.” She is one of the best-selling recording artists of all time and has sold more than 200 million records worldwide. She is known for her strong vocals and career.

After becoming a solo singer, her 1984 album Private Dancer quickly became popular all over the world. Her influence is considered relevant to the industry as a whole as she has helped to establish a very distinct musical characteristic and stage persona. Tina has now retired from the spotlight and has investments into other efforts, yet her legacy lives on. Her third book, Happiness Becomes You: A Guide to Changing Your Life for Good, will be released in December 2020.


Lisa Bonet is one of beauties you cannot easily forget. Add the fact that she’s an exceptionally talented actress and you have a formula for success. This is something she passed on to her daughter, Zoe Kravitz. Lisa Bonet has been involved in the entertainment industry when she was a child. She often appeared in guest roles in various TV shows as a child actor and participated in various beauty contests. In 1998, she co-starred in the movie Enemies of the State with actor Will Smith.

Many will remember her for the role she portrayed in Angel Heart alongside Mickey Rourke. She was also in the first season of A Different World and was a regular cast on the NBC sitcom, The Cosby Show from 1984 to 1992. Although her marriage with Lenny Kravitz ended with them calling in a divorce attorney, she has found a second love with Jason Momoa, her current husband. Since 2007, Lisa has lived in the Los Angeles area with her children.


Jacqueline Bisset was known for being one of the most alluring faces in Hollywood during her time. Her glowing skin was one of her greatest assets. Now 74 years old, she still looks as elegant as before. Jacqueline was born in Weybridge, Surrey, England in 1944. She started her career since she was a child. Not only did she take acting classes and ballet classes, she also worked as a model. In 1978, the movie Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? won her a Golden Globe nomination for best actress in a comedy.

Her career reached its peak in the 1960s, showing that she wasn’t just a pretty face, but that she also possessed an incredible talent. She never failed to captivate her audience with every performance. She takes credit for her appearances in films such as Murder on the Orient Express, Airport, and The Deep. In France, the internationally acclaimed actress was recognized with the Légion d’honneur. Now, she often participates in film festivals and awards ceremonies around the world.


Marina was born in London, England in 1955. She started her career in British theatre and starred in What the Butler Saw and Hamlet. Before starring in Star Trek, Sirtis served as a supporting role in many movies. Marina Sirtis was beloved for her character, Commander Deana Troi in Sci-Fi hit, Star Trek: The Next Generation. The show became an instant classic, so despite lacking the support from her parents, she continued to pursue acting. She went to auditions without them even knowing.

In 1976, she graduated from Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She then set out to the UK to pursue a career in acting. She takes credit for appearing in the TV series Hazell, Raffles, Minder, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, Who Pays the Ferryman, Up the Elephant and Round the Castle, and many more. In 1986, she immigrated to the United States and settled in Los Angeles to improve her career. Subsequently, she was naturalized in the United States. In 2013, Sirtis accepted the regular role of director Mossad in the CBS TV series NCIS.


Shelley is one of American most outstanding actresses and producers. She rose to fame for her performance and role in the NBC sitcom Cheers. The Shelley Long you see in numerous films like Dr. T and The Women, Troop Beverly Hills, The Money Pit, Outrageous Fortune, Hello Again, and Night Shift is one brave woman! She took a leap of faith when she decided to turn her back on a drama degree at Northwestern University in exchange for a career in acting.

In 1975, she began testing the waters before making her first significant steps in producing, writing, and co-hosting a TV program. Opportunities continued to open for her until she finally had her big break when she was cast as Diane Chambers in Cheers. She also played Jay Pritchett’s ex-wife DeDe Pritchett in the popular ABC sitcom Modern Family. So far, Shelley has appeared in more than 80 movies and TV series, and has become a familiar face in the entertainment industry.


Hayley was born on April 18, 1946 in Maryburn, London, England. She is the daughter of famous actor Sir John Mills and screenwriter Mary Hayley Bell. Hayley would be familiar to anyone who’s watched the classic 1961 film The Parent Trap, where she played the dual role of twins Susan and Charon. Her many accolades include the BAFTA Award for Most Promising Newcomer for her work in the British film Tiger Bay, a Laurel Award for Top Female New Personality, and a Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year.

She started making investments in her career since she was still a child. Good thing, she has managed to stay relevant in the industry and continued to appear in television and film over the years. In the late 1960s, Mills began to perform in stage plays and played a more mature role. She has appeared in many Disney movies. Because of her success at Disney, she won the Disney Legend Award.


Dawn Wells was born in Reno, Nevada on October 18, 1938. In 1959, Wells was awarded the Miss Nevada crown and represented Nevada in the 1960 Miss America pageant held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Dawn became famous for starring in Gilligan’s Island alongside Tina Louise and others. She played Mary Ann Summers. Before that, however, she was studying in Chemistry at Stephen’s College. Realizing her love for acting, she transferred to the University of Washington and got a degree in Theater Arts and Design.

She was part of The New Interns and The Roaring 20s, and also made several TV appearances in shows such as 77 Sunset Street, Bonanza, Maverick, and The Cheyenne Show. Wells participated in more than one hundred drama performances and performed well in the theater industry. Presently, she focuses on her humanitarian work and the Wishing Wells Foundation, a group dedicated to supporting people with physical disabilities. She published a cookbook called Mary Ann’s Gilligan’s Island Cookbook in 1993.


Angie Harmon started as a model. Aside from doing runway shows, she has also posed for magazines such as ELLE, Esquire, and Cosmopolitan when she was signed with IMG’s models. She was discovered by David Hasselhoff, after being on the same flight as him. Eventually, she switched gears and became an actress. Her roles in the legal television series Law&Order and Rizzoli&Isles are probably the most famous. After leaving Law&Order, Harmon focused on her film career.

Her acting career took off as she first took credit for appearing in Baywatch Nights and C-16: FBI. She landed the role of Detective Jane Rizzoli in Rizzoli & Isles. Angie also appeared in Law Dogs, Agent Cody Banks, Endgame, Renegade, Women’s Murder Club, Inconceivable, and many more. She is active on social media such as Twitter and Instagram. The 47-year-old actress and her ex-partner share three children. Her current boyfriend is American actor and model Greg Vaughan.


Jane Leeves is best known for her role as Daphne Moon in Frasier, for which she was nominated for several awards—including an Emmy and Golden Globe. Fraser is undoubtedly one of the greatest ensemble sitcoms of all time. For any actor, this is a rare experience in a lifetime. She is more than just an actress, however, and deserves much credit for being a producer, singer, model, dancer, and comedian.

The actress has had appearances in a number of famous TV shows. This includes her debut in The Benny Hill Show. Later on, she also landed the role of Joy Scruggs in the show, Hot in Cleveland. In 2018, The 58-year-old Jane joined Fox’s medical drama The Resident and became the doctor Kitt Voss of Chastain Park Memorial. Ever the advocate, she recently showed her support for the LGBT community by posing for the NOH8 campaign ad.


Catherine Bell takes credit for her long-time role as Sarah Mackenzie on the TV series JAG. She played a lieutenant colonel from 1997 up to 2005. She was also known for her role as Denise Sherwood on the show Army Wives from 2007 up to 2013. Some of her movie works include Black Thunder, Bruce Almighty and High-Rise Rescue. Her TV works include FriendsNCIS: Los Angeles and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

She became a part of The Good Witch TV series and films where she played Cassie Nightingale. She went to the University of California in Los Angeles to pursue a degree but dropped out in her sophomore year. She pursued a career in modeling in Japan before she became an actress here in the US. Following JAG, Bell appeared in the 2005 TV movie Sci Fi Inside: The Triangle. In 2019, when it was announced that she would join NCIS: Los Angeles to replay her role as Sarah in JAG, fans were very excited.


Linda was born in Fairfield, Connecticut in 1958. Her career began in 1981, when she starred in the Broadway movie How It All Began. Linda Kozlowski graduated from Juilliard School’s prestigious drama division. She got a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts before she became a famous actress from 1981 to 2001. She first took credit for her role in How It All Began before her role in Death of a Salesman.

The Polish-American actress, got quite lucky and even had the chance to work alongside Paul Hogan in the Australian film, Crocodile Dundee. She may have officially retired in 2001, but we will remember her appearances in cult favorite films such as Almost an Angel, The Neighbor, Village of the Damned, and Backstreet Justice. Later, due to dissatisfaction with her role, she left her acting career. Despite leaving the showbiz, Linda Kozlowski is still worth looking forward to.


Erika Eleniak will certainly be a memorable face for many. She had her screen debut in 1982 for Stephen Spielberg’s movie E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and the child actress’s career skyrocketed after that. When she was 19 years old, she even got to pose for Playboy magazine. Although she has appeared in many movies and TV shows over the years, most of us will miss her performance in Baywatch. There is no doubt that she was the heroine of the play from 1989 to 1992.

She takes credit for her recurring role in Charles in Charge as Stephanie Curtis. Erika was also a fan favorite, portraying Shauni McClain in Baywatch from 1989 to 1992, where she met Billy Warlock. Her most successful film attempt may be Steven Seagal’s Under Siege. They got engaged, got married, and soon after, got a divorce attorney. She’s now married to Roch Daigle and they have one child.


Cheryl Ladd took over for Farrah Fawcett when she left Charlie’s Angels. She played Kris Monroe, Farrah’s sister. It was a very likable character, which helped her stay on the show for years. Initially, she wanted to pursue a career in music and even took projects for TV shows and commercials before getting into acting. In 1970, Cheryl’s career began in Hollywood. There she became a singer. As a singer, her single Think It Over ranked 34th on the 1978 Billboard Music Chart.

She appeared in The Muppet Show, The Partridge Family, Happy Days, The Rookies, and Police Woman. Cheryl also had roles in films such as Unforgettable, Millennium, Permanent Midnight, Purple Hearts, and Poison Ivy. She is known for donating a huge part of her investments to the non-profit organization ChildHelp. As a writer, Cheryl is known for her 2005 autobiography Token Chick: A Woman’s Guide to Golfing With the Boys. She has also served as the host of golf tournaments.


Marie Osmond, her name is synonymous with independent women—who know exactly what needs to be done to achieve what they want. Marie was born on October 13, 1959 in Ogden, Utah. In 1973, Marie released her debut single Paper Roses. This cover song is her most famous country pop song. This talented beauty has incredible knowledge and understanding of the arts, all the while blossoming through her many careers in acting, singing, philanthropy, and hosting as well as writing.

She has three best-selling books under her belt, in fact. It is no secret that she comes from the famous Osmond family who all share a great talent for music. These days, Marie dedicates most of her investments in other businesses and charitable causes. Needless to say, she’s got a heart of gold. Since becoming famous in the early 1970s, Marie has become one of Hollywood’s most iconic singers and TV stars. In 1976, Marie and her brother Donny co-hosted Donny & Marie.


Melissa was born in Berkeley, California in 1962. After appearing in several commercials in Los Angeles, she began her childhood career as an actress. Melissa Sue Anderson started off as a model and appeared in her first commercial for Mattel and Sears. Her parents made the right decision when it came to hiring an agent manager. She first takes credit for appearing on an episode of The Brady Bunch and Bewitched.

She was best known for playing the role of Mary Ingalls in the TV show The Little House on the Prairie. Melissa further gained fame for her roles in films such as Which Mother Is Mine?, Happy Birthday to Me, and Midnight Offerings. She got married in 1990 to the TV writer and producer, Michael Sloan. One of her most recent TV shows was the 2006 miniseries 10.5: Apocalypse, which played First Lady Mrs. Hollister. She also starred in several independent works and played Stosh’s mother in the 2014 movie Veronica Mars.


Winona Ryder was born in Minnesota on October 29, 1971. Ryder was an avid reader as a child. After watching a few movies, she became interested in acting. Winona is currently known for her role in the Netflix show Stranger Things. She was quite a child prodigy and had a GPA of 4.0 at school. She started a career in acting at a very young age, as well. Her most memorable roles were for films such as Heathers, Dracula, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Little Women, The Age of Innocence, Reality Bites, Guilt, and Alien Resurrection.

Winona made her acting debut in the 1986 comedy Lucas. She played the heroine in the 1990 romantic fantasy film Edward Scissorhands. The film is very popular in business. In 1994, she played Josephine March in the movie Little Women. Ryder was nominated for Best Actress Oscar for this role. She has been nominated numerous times and won a Golden Globe Award. She also places a big investment in the American Indian College Fund who has been receiving her support since she was in her twenties.


Pamela Anderson is an accomplished record holder for having the most Playboy Covers. She’s a sex symbol and icon in the industry. In February 1990, she became the Playmate of the Month and was ALSO featured in several covers of various magazines. The year after, she appeared as Lisa in the show Home Improvement. In the early 1990s, Anderson played many cameo roles in sitcoms. She starred in Baywatch for five seasons and quickly became an international star.

Her best known role, however, was C.J. Parker in the hit TV series Baywatch. She also takes credit for appearing in movies such as Blonde & Blonder, Raw Justice, and Barb Wire. She’s also known for being an advocate & an avid supporter of animal rights activism. Anderson also wrote four autobiographical books and two novels. In recent years, she has focused on reality show. She participated in the tenth season of Dancing with the Stars.


Phoebe Cates was born in New York, USA on July 16, 1963. Her father Joseph Cates is a Broadway producer and television pioneer. She has appeared on the cover of youth magazines such as Seventeen. The beautiful actress Phoebe debuted in the 1980s in Paradise at a very young age. Growing up, she was already exposed to production life, having been born into a family of actors and producers. At the age of 10, she started her modeling career and also went to the School of American Ballet and trained as a dancer.

In the 1980s, Phoebe was one of the most popular teenage stars. She pursued an acting career when she turned 17. She takes credit for her role in Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Gremlins. She retired from acting in 2005 and decided to put all of her investments in her own boutique. When Cates participated in the audition for Big Chill in 1983, she was unsuccessful, but she found her life’s love, Kevin Kline.


Christina was born on November 25, 1971 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Christina Applegate is one of Hollywood’s favorite actresses, both in TV and film. She takes major credit for her roles in Grand Theft Parsons, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Vacation, Bad Moms, Hall Pass, The Big Hit, The Sweetest Thing, and Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead to name a few. In 1972, she starred in the TV series Days of Life with her mother.

Christina became one of Hollywood’s most famous faces with many famous movie roles. She was also a cast member of Sweet Charity, which got her nominated for a Tony Award. She is known for sitcoms such as Samantha Who?, Up All Night, and Jesse. In July 2018, Applegate and Linda Cardellini co-starred in the Netflix dark comedy series Dead to Me. Christina is an advocate for cancer awareness and has devoted her investments to supporting Right Action for Women.


Olivia Hussey started out as a stage actress before she decided to appear onscreen. Olivia has been performing on stage since she was 13. She got a degree from a drama school and fell in love with the theatre. She takes credit for her well-known performance as Juliet in the 1968 version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. She was just 15 years old when she was handpicked out of 500 auditionees.

Her performance in the movie Romeo and Juliet made her famous overnight. She then starred in several movies and TV series. In 1982, she performed well in the Australian horror film Turkey Shoot. Her internationally and critically acclaimed performance got her a Golden Globe Award, one of the most prestigious awards in acting, as well as a David di Donatello Award. She had to transfer to London with her mother and brother from Argentina for the role.


Jennifer was born on December 12, 1970 in Cairo, New York. Jennifer Connelly remains as beautiful as ever. She started out quite young as a model and got her first acting debut in 1984 for the movie Once Upon a Time in America. Later, she received credit for appearing in films such as Career Opportunities, Phenomena, Labyrinth, and The Rocketeer. Her career breakthrough came in 2001 when she starred in the acclaimed movie A Beautiful Mind. The film won four Oscars.

She went to college to pursue a degree in English Literature at Yale University, only to realize she wanted to study drama instead, hence her transfer to Stanford. Some of the critically-acclaimed movies she participated in include Requiem for a Dream, A Beautiful Mind, and Dark City. Connelly was appointed the UN ambassador for human rights education in 2005. Internationally renowned magazines such as Time and Vanity Fair consider her to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.


Elisabeth was born on October 6, 1963 in Wilmington, Delaware. She studied at Wellesley College and Harvard University, and received a bachelor’s degree in political science. Elisabeth Shue was the star of many popular TV shows and films. She’s widely recognized for her roles in movies The Karate Kid, Leaving Las Vegas, Cocktail, The Saint, Back to the Future Part II, Back to the Future Part III, Soapdish, Adventures in Babysitting, Hollow Man, and Piranha 3D.

Elisabeth and Nicolas Cage starred in the 1995 movie Leaving Las Vegas, which was widely acclaimed, and also enabled Elisabeth’s career to flourish. Over the years of her acting career, she has also received much credit for her great performances, even going on to receive several nominations and awards for her roles. She was also on the show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation from 2012-2015. She’s currently a cast member of the show The Boys.


Melissa Rauch is a fan-favorite on The Big Bang Theory, making people bowl over with laughter through her comedic genius. She takes credit for portraying Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz, whose wit and deadpan humor helped make her a big hit. The initial idea was for her to be in only a few episodes, but because of her performance, they decided to make her a regular.

This situation often happens in TV shows; in which the director and script writer puts up a character that is destined for only a few episodes; but due to public demand, those characters are bumped up to regular. Rauch is one of the fan favorites who left the show with no choice but to keep her. She even received awards for playing the role! Melissa graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with a degree in an academic field, before pursuing her career in acting. She is happily married to Winston Rauch and the couple shares one child together.


Sarah Michelle Gellar became famous through the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Her role as Buffy Summers is one of the most iconic and considered one of the greatest female characters on TV. She started acting at four years old when she appeared in An Invasion of Privacy. Aside from acting, she is also a businesswoman. So far, she is managing her investments quite well after founding Food Stirs, a food-crafting brand.

She met her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. through the Scooby-Doo adaptation movie and the couple was married in 2002. They are now happily raising their two kids together in LA. Their love story is actually quite interesting, Sarah Michelle recently posted on Instagram during their wedding anniversary that she and her husband got close over a dinner that a friend supposedly invited the over to. Because of that friend not showing up, they ended up talking and getting to know each other the entire night. She ended the post with a sweet thank you to that friend for not showing up that night.


Sally Struthers quickly achieved fame in the late 1960s and early 1970s despite only being given small roles. This just shows her talent, making sure that each character was memorable and well-received by the audience. She was eventually cast as Gloria Stivic in All in the Family and finally received much deserved credit for her work, winning two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for this role.

Sally has appeared in numerous film, television, and even stage productions. She was also a spokeswoman and activist. She was associated with Child Fund, an advocacy for impoverished children in developing countries. Back in the day, Struthers appeared on other hit shows such as Gilmore Girls. She is a mother of one and has been a spokesperson for International Correspondence Schools in television ads. In an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, her activism was clearly satirized. It didn’t end there, as more shows did it, such as South Park, Living in Color, and more.


Joyce DeWitt believed in the importance of formal training. She attended university and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Theater. While performing in the theatre during her post-graduation summer, a director convinced her to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in UCLA. Joyce first performed and showcased her talent on stage at the age of 13. She also worked as a secretary during her college years.

She is best known for her role as Janet Wood in Three’s Company. She also appeared in other films, including Call of the Wild, Failing Better Now, and The Savant. Her television appearances included Baretta, The Love Boat, Living Single, and many more. Joyce has a long list of charity work. She participated at the Capitol Hill Forum on Hunger and Homelessness with members of the House and Senate. Did you know she went big time by hosting at the White House for the President End hunger Awards and, the World Food Day with co-host Jeff Bridges?


Suzanne Somers was cast in the ABC sitcom Three’s Company, portraying Chrissy Snow. The program was a success in the ratings, and Suzanne became an audience favorite. She appeared in two Playboy cover-feature pictorials. She sure knew how to flaunt her beauty and not too long ago, she became an inspiration to many women.

She is considered to be one of the sexiest female celebrities of her time. Later on, she became the spokesperson for the exercise product Thigh Master in a series of infomercials. She returned to starring in television series for She’s the Sheriff and Step by Step. Suzanne is also the author of a series of self-help books, two autobiographies, and diet books. She has hired several lawyers to defend her views on certain medical subjects and for the promotion of alternative medical therapies. It’s amazing how someone as beautiful as her can also become active in awareness projects and other activities outside show business.


Sasha Alexander first realized her love for acting when she started to join in school plays. She loved performing on stage during high school and this continued on, even when she went on to college at the University of Southern California to pursue a degree in the School of Cinema-Television. She’s best known for being part of Dawson’s Creek where she portrayed Gretchen Witter.

People also know her as Caitlin Todd from NCIS, as well as Maura Isles, her character from Rizzoli & Isles. Her other films include Lucky 13, He’s Just Not That Into You, The Last Lullaby, Play Dead, and Yes Man. She also portrayed a small role in Mission: Impossible III. She has two children with husband Edoardo Ponti, a director and the son of Hollywood icon Sophia Loren. Alexander speaks French, Italian, Serbian and English. Alexander chose Jessica Capshaw to be a godmother to one of her children.


Jennifer Grey appeared on screen for the first time at the age of 19 on a TV commercial for Dr. Pepper. The commercial was her very first public gig that ultimately led her to a bigger stardom in Hollywood. She first took credit for her role in Reckless, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and The Cotton Club. Having been born in a family of actors, she was inspired to follow into her family’s footsteps, particularly her father, mother, and grandfather.

The character behind Rita Schwerner also became more famous when she joined Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars and for her role in the movie Dirty Dancing. What was said is that she had an accident and was forced to retire from acting. She is also a cancer survivor who fought the sickness with years of strength, determination to get better, and support from her family and loved ones. Not only is Jennifer a pretty face but she is also a symbol of courage, with a lot of fighting spirit and now spending most of her time investing for the environment’s greater good.


Elizabeth Berkley auditioned for the film Annie but was rejected, which led to her pursuing a professional dancing career instead. She became a part of several ballet productions such as Swan Lake and also appeared in teen magazines as a model. She is the actress behind the character of Jessie Spano in the TV show Saved By The Bell. She played Naomi Malone in Showgirls as well.

Elizabeth is an activist who has shown support for animal rights and is a big advocate for vegetarianism even back in 1997. She was once involved in a $45 million lawsuit, but we’re glad her lawyer helped fix everything. She is not only an actress; she is also a producer and a philanthropist. In 2010, Elizabeth set up an online program for teenagers called Ask-Elizabeth. This website was inspired through the number of girls coming to her and her husband seeking for help and asking for advice, or, in some cases, simply wanting for someone to lean on and turn to in difficult times.


Eve Plumb is another alumnus from The Brady Bunch. She was cast as the middle daughter of the Brady family, Jan Brady. She guest-starred on the television series The Big Valley and The Virginian in the years that followed. Eve continued to reprise her role as Jan Brady and appeared on numerous reunion series and films. She also appeared in numerous other film and television shows including Nowhere, Blue Ruin, and The Love Boat.

Apart from acting, the actress also enjoys painting and has seen success as a painter. For her, love for art is the most successful investment she put on her career—all thanks to her naturally artistic self, Plumb can express her love for art in many ways – first, in acting, then in participating in various social events, and now, painting. Each one has different ways of expressing one’s love to the artistic world, but in one way or another, with the same outcome.


Lisa Whelchel is the Texas-born child actress who joined The New Mickey Mouse Club at the age of 12. Her mother was an insurance agent and her father was an electrician. Being a Mouseketeer was one of her simple dreams as a child and it eventually led to her fame. Later, she joined the cast of The Facts of Life, portraying Blair Warner. The sitcom was a huge success that they won a Pop Culture Award in 2011. Aside from acting, she is also a singer and songwriter.

To her credit, the album All Because Of You even received a Grammy Award nomination. Lisa is not only a talented actress and a pretty face, she is also a producer. Aside from acting and producing which clearly focuses on the movie industry, she is also an author and an active speaker in public events. Indeed, she is a woman of many talents spreading positive messages to the world and the human race.


Justine Bateman can pretty much do everything. She is an actress, writer, producer, and director — a jack-of-all-trades. Or, on a more feminine take of it, our very own jane-of-all-trades. I guess you can say she takes after her father, who was a successful producer and director himself. Her brother is the popular actor, Jason Bateman. She takes pride in her roles in popular films and TV shows including The TV Set, Californication, Family Ties, Satisfaction, Desperate Housewives, and Men Behaving Badly.

Because of her commitment to the show Family Ties, she wasn’t able to attend college. That did not stop her though from earning a degree in Computer Science and Digital Media Management in 2016. Justine was also involved in the theaters and writing. Not just that, during her hiatus from the entertainment industry, Justine embarked on a fashion business and created her own clothing design company in 2000. The company is known for its knits.


Maureen McCormick started a career in acting in the 1960s. She became a part of the popular TV series The Brady Bunch where she played the role of Marcia Brady. She continued to reprise the role and appeared in specials, reboots, and reunions. Maureen has received praise for her performance in The Brady Bunch Brides, The Brady Bunch Kids, The Brady Bunch Hour, and A Very Brady Christmas.

The actress fell into the trap of drug addiction during the peak of her career, but was later able to get back on track and rebuild her reputation—all credits to her strength and determination to get better and choose to change her path to a brighter future. That is a rare strength, especially for someone who has been caught in a web of undesirable habits and someone who was once lost in a maze of confusion. Now, she’s making investments towards better life decisions.


The fashionable Olsen twins made their debut appearance in the series Full House. They took turns in playing the role of Michelle Tanner during shoots—but you wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference! The twins were also homeschooled at the time to keep up with their education. Mary-Kate and Ashley became even more famous during their teenage years as the two appeared in films such as Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, To Grandmother’s House We Go, and many more.

Growing up, the twins faced a lot of negative and destructive criticism regarding their changes in physical appearances, their attitudes, and more, but they refused to be trapped in a world full of pain and negativity. Instead, they invested their time in which they thought could not only benefit themselves but also benefit a lot of other people, showing the world that sometimes appearances can be misleading. At present, they’re both well-established within the fashion industry—earning so much and displaying excellent money management skills. There is no doubt that The Olsen Twins are icons!


Nancy Kerrigan was an ice skating Queen before she became an actress. The figure skater was also given the privilege of representing the United States in the Winter Olympics and World Championships. She was quite the athlete winning both bronze and silver medals for her performances. Nancy had participated in the 1994 Walt Disney World parade, but her negative remarks caught on the microphone that day negatively reflected on the skater. This backlash was apparent with the poor ratings received when she appeared on Saturday Night Live.

She tried her best to regain her reputation and become the star athlete that she was. Nancy had been on a steady rise to success until her rival, Tonya Harding, had her ex-husband organized an attack against her. Luckily, she was able to recover in time for the competition and continue on. In 2010 she got involved in another legal issue where she had to hire an attorney to help with her brother’s defense. We’re guessing everyone needs a sister like Nancy.


Kim Richards started young. She’s one of the child actresses who entered the world of show business at barely a year old. Many actresses and actors have started out young, with many, in their toddler and teen years, but rarely do we have celebrities jumpstarting their career as a baby and still making it big on the industry as they grow older. Kim’s first TV credit is for appearing in Firth Carpet advertisements.

Later, she made acting her passion and debuted in the film Nanny and the Professor playing the role of Prudence Everett. Kim gained even more popularity for appearing in several Disney productions such as Escape to Witch Mountain, No Deposit, No Return, Return from Witch Mountain, and The Whiz Kid and the Carnival Caper. The actress also became a cast member of Diff’rent Strokes, James 16, The Love Boat, and many more. She is a true beauty, and first appearing on screen as a baby, the world already saw what kind of woman she would become when she grows up.


Nancy McKeon started out doing commercials with her older brother, Philip McKeon. She was off to a great start and would eventually land roles in The Secret Storm and Another World. The actress worked hard to get her role in The Facts of Life, impressing a casting director with her ability to cry on cue. Quite a unique talent, if you ask us. She auditioned for several other shows and even got rejected for Working Girl, and then later on, for F.R.I.E.N.D.S, but she didn’t back down.

She invested quite a chunk of her time desiring to be cast in the hit sitcom. She auditioned for the part of Monica Geller, which is obviously meant for Courteney Cox as she is tailor-made for the role. Both ladies have strong personalities that would embody Monica perfectly; they are both brunettes as well. Imagine how different things might have been for McKeon if she had gotten the part, and how different her portrayal of Monica would have been for the world to remember. Her investments from starting young did pay off and she’s now enjoying the fruits of her hard work.


Lea Katherine Thompson is popularly known for her role as Lorraine Baines in the trilogy movie Back to the Future. She was also praised for her performance in Caroline in the City. Did you know that Lea wanted to be a professional dancer before she became an actress? Her goals were set to become a ballerina, but eventually, she decided to switch career paths. She chose to become part of the entertainment industry, which is not too far off.  Lea did get to fulfill this certain dream when she joined Dancing with the Stars, where she got sixth place.

Her career is marked with hard work and plenty of awards such as the Young Artist Award, People’s Choice Award, and Kid’s Choice Award. Lea remains to be one of the unforgettable stars throughout the ages, all thanks to her generous heart, reaching out, and helping people with a few of her awareness projects. We can only speculate that people could go straight up to her and get personal loans and she would give it to them.

Terry Farrell

Terry Farrell is widely known for being her role as Jadzia Dax of the Star Trek franchise. She even had an asteroid named after her because of the sci-fi TV show’s massive success. Having a star, a meteor, an asteroid, or any part of the galaxy named after a person is a huge deal. Nowadays, millennials can find online registrations of certificates naming a star under one person’s name. Those are usually made as gifts and an expression of love or how important that person is in someone’s life. For the actress, the asteroid is officially called 261734 Terryfarrell.

Terry was meant to be a start as she had her beginnings in the fashion industry as a print model, receiving credit for appearing on the covers of Vogue magazine’s international issues. She eventually decided to study acting, even becoming a cast member of Paper Dolls and Back to School. While fans do love her best in Star Trek, this multi-talent has had plenty of other memorable characters under her belt.


Who would have thought that a popular child actress would leave show business for a career in law? Staci Keanan proved to everyone that it can be done, even though she left quite a stellar career behind in order to become a lawyer. She was once a model and actress for film and TV, and joined musical plays such as Annie, The King and I, Moments in the Sun, and Sunset Park among others. Given her success in film, TV, and even music, pursuing a legal professional must have been very important for her to leave all those behind.

Before she did, she made quite an impression for herself in the movie industry, she started acting she was just 5 years old. She is an epitome of women power and a living proof that someone can shift from one humongous career to another; although the two are completely opposite, it falls close under the same category when comes to being Staci’s passion and dreams.


Christine Lakin’s quirkiness and distinctive voice were her investments that brought her to the spotlight. She got her first major role as Young Rose in The Rose and the Jackal, an American Civil War drama. She continued to grow as an artist in the TV series, Step by Step, as well as in television movies such as Who’s Your Daddy? and Reefer Madness. Christine has even dabbled in voice acting through Family Guy where she portrays Joyce Kinney. This opened the door for various other opportunities in the field.

Did you know that she is also the voice of several video game characters? Her voice is a true gem that many talent producers and film makers find hard to resist. Christine had her fair share of exposure and radio and podcast appearances. She also received various awards such as the LA Weekly theater Awards and was nominated at the Ovation Awards in 2012.


Growing up, Sandy Duncan had it a bit rough. She hustled her way up by getting underpaid roles in exchange for experience. For instance, she worked for the local production of The King and I, where she was paid only $150 a week. She’s not only talented, but also a hard worker. Sandy is currently enjoying all the good things life can offer, with all of her investments clearly paying off. The actress has achieved plenty during her run, including three Tony awards, two Emmys, and two Golden Globes nominations for her performance in the Broadway production of Peter Pan and The Hogan Family.

Aside from being an amazing actress whose charm can capture hearts around the crowd, she is also a songwriter singer dancer, and most of all, a kind person. In the state of Illinois near Taylorville, there was a street named in her honor, called the Sandy Duncan Drive. Her character Sandy Stockton in one of her projects is from Taylorville.


Barbara Feldon has maintained both her youthfulness and relevance—given how she’s still actively making appearances in various platforms. Not only is she a famous writer and model, but this intelligent beauty is also a television host. Her work is loved by many, making her a household name. Aside from her looks and charm, it’s her talent and wit that served as her insurance when it comes to this fickle industry.

She symbolizes beauty in many ways, inside and out. Barbara is also well-known for her great sense of fashion. Her career reached its prime during the 1960s when she became one of the casts of Get Smart as Agent 99. The actress has been married two times and does not have any children. Growing up, she was born and raised in Pittsburgh and after she graduated, she trained at Pittsburgh Playhouse. She was then introduced into the Delta Xi Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma.


Karen Grassle is a graduate of the University of California in Berkeley, receiving a degree in both English and Dramatic Art. Her career in Hollywood was established after she landed a role, playing the mother of Melissa Sue Anderson—another equally iconic actress. Portraying Caroline Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie made her famous and endeared her towards the show’s loyal audience. Although she continued to appear in various films and TV shows, she would later switch her focus to theatre.

Karen has built quite a reputation in Broadway, too, alongside Brandon de Wilde and Maureen O’Sullivan. There is no denying that Karen aged gracefully and beautifully through her years on screen. She remains to be an inspiration for women of any age around the world. How she managed to live under the pressure of the lime light and still looking radiant and poised is not easy for anyone. She may have had some ups and downs but she managed to make it out stronger and wiser, thanks to her positivity and wisdom.


Another woman you may recognize from her character as Laura Ingalls Wilder, the second eldest child in NBC’s Little House of Prairie, is Melissa Gilbert. While playing the role of Laura, she also appeared in various TV films such as The Miracle Worker where she portrayed Helen Keller. She was also cast in Anne Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank. The actress also tried to make her way in politics but withdrew due to health issues.

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows though, as she encountered some major setbacks, causing her to hire lawyers to help with legal issues thrown at her. Undaunted, Melissa had appeared on many international projects, most of these are commercials. She has done a ton of commercials throughout her career. In 2001, she was elected as the president for SAG. She also had a lot of passion for politics as she was a part of the 2016 congressional election campaign.


Loretta Swit began her career as a Broadway actress in the year 1960s. Although she had made several appearances in films, her big break came when she got cast as Major Margaret of Hot Lips Houlihan in M*A*S*H. Loretta was also in other productions, including: Mannix, Mission Impossible, Gunsmoke, and Hawaii Five-O.

Her investments in the industry have certainly rewarded the actress greatly, allowing her to retire in comfort without having to worry about going bankrupt. While we’re sure fans miss her, we’re also glad she gets to enjoy a more private life now—since so many celebrities lack this luxury. Being able to keep her private life private is a gift and a blessing for famous people. Quite frankly, while people want rumors and gossip 24 hours on the news and social media, those celebrities who chose to keep quiet about their personal lives remain to be the most respected.


It would’ve been hard for a daughter of a US Air Force officer to establish a career, but she managed the difficulties, going on to nab some choice roles in the industry. It is not always easy for an army brat to stay put in one place and focus on a certain dream if they have to contact the moving company every now and then. Eventually, she caught the attention of an influential actor, Bob Hope, in a local fashion show, and made her way to Los Angeles. Bob is a Hollywood icon and Priscilla was very fortunate to have had his guidance. The actress went on to win the most coveted role—that of the original Wonder Woman.

She was truly appreciated by the public and her other appearances in films and TV shows include: Highway to Heaven, Jane the Virgin, The Devil’s Rejects, and License to Kill. Aside from her career in show business, Priscilla also participated in other social activities.


Known for her role in films such as The Witches, The Addams Family, and Crime and Misdemeanors, Anjelica comes from a family with a history of winning Academy Awards. In 1985, she won Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Prizzi’s Honor, making her the third generation in her family to get it. Anjelica is also a director and a producer. In addition, she has also shown skills in investment planning. In 2010, her home was in the market but after it failed to sell, she transformed the house into a private club in 2012, eventually selling the house for $11.5 million in 2014.

She is the daughter of actor John Huston and the granddaughter of actor Walter Huston. She had both critical and popular acclaims. The actress has appeared in public projects alongside big stars like Michael Jackson. She had quite an impressive record of being a director. Anjelica also did some voice over projects. Her recent works include her activism for human rights, saving camps, and more. Huston donated $500 to the Irish Republican in 2011.


Linda Gray started her career in television not as an actress but as a commercial model. However, it was impossible to contain talent like hers. With her phenomenal acting skills, Linda eventually starred in primetime TV series. She is best known for her role in Dallas, a soap opera that ran from 1978 to 1991. In the show’s 13-year run, it won four Emmy Awards. Linda also earned a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Later on, she took her skills to the stage.

As a theatre actress, she was in plays like The Graduate and Cinderella. Linda was nominated for a variety of awards and she also won a ton of awards and recognition. She and her husband had two children, unfortunately, her son passed away from leukemia. Her sister had cancer as well early on. Through all of these adversities she had to face in life, Linda remained strong and the great degree of courage she showed is something worth looking up to.


Michelle Trachtenberg starred alongside Hayden in Ice Princess, but the actress played the leading role. She started out at 3 years old, in a commercial for Wisk detergent. Since then, she has built quite the strong film and TV resume. She is known for her roles as Dawn Summers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Jenny in EuroTrip. Her rise to worldwide recognition is due to her character, Georgina Sparks, on the hit teen drama television series Gossip Girl.

Michelle has also won several Young Artist awards as well as the Sarasota Film Festival award for the Breakthrough Category for her role in Beautiful Ohio. Critics say that if people hate you for the character you played on TV or in the movies, they you have done a good job. This was the case with Michelle in Gossip Girl. She must be careful though and have her home installed with a home security system to be on the safe side for those fans who might be too excited.


Before her career in television, Roz Kelly worked on the other side of the camera as a photographer for New York Magazine. There are many celebrities who started their career behind the scenes – personal assistants, camera men, errand people, and some janitors. As a photographer, Kelly took pictures of unknowns and celebrities alike. She has quite the eye for talent, and we are so glad that Hollywood found her, or, should we say, that she found Hollywood.

Roz is perhaps best known for playing Carol “Pinky” Tuscadero, the older sister of Leather Tuscadero and girlfriend of Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli on the television series Happy Days. Beyond the series, she played guest roles on The Love Boat, The Dukes of Hazzard, Charlie’s Angels, and other films and television shows. The actress may have concerns with anger management, but she has pleaded “no contest” to charges for violence acts. She probably needs to hire a personal coach as well as a financial advisor to help her manage her affairs.


Canadian actress Erica Durance would be familiar to DC fans for her portrayal of Lois Lane in Smallville, the television version of Superman’s story. She is best known as Dr. Alex Reid, her character on the drama series Saving Hope. In addition to starring in the series, she co-produced the show and directed an episode in the fourth season. Her character in Smallville was beloved, opposite from that of Lana Lang. Lang was one of the most heated up topic when it comes to discussion in the long running hit TV show, and some fans speculate that it has something to do with the portrayal of the actress and not the original character from the comic book.

The actress should also be given credit for her generosity. Erica participates in charity work and supports World Vision Canada. In 2006 she waived her appearance fee for co-hosting an art auction in support of the Sam Loeb College Scholarship Fund and instead donated the money instead.


Erin Moran’s career in acting started with the interest of a child and the love of a parent. Young Erin’s passion for acting was well-supported by her mother to the point where she put in as much investments as her daughter. That includes time and plenty of sacrifice, since she had to be watchful of Erin’s career early on. At the age of five, Erin’s mother signed her with an agent, leading to an appearance in a television commercial that same year. She is best known for playing Joanie Cunningham on the television show Happy Days, one of the most successful TV series of the 1970s.

Her passing shocked a lot of people, especially her fans who became close to her and were considered her family. Even though she had little to offer to the movie industry, her legacy goes on and will be remembered. Truly, she was one of the most gracious actresses in show business.


Hayden Panettiere first appeared in front of cameras for a commercial at the very young age of eleven months. The New York native played the role of Sarah Roberts on One Life to Live. Her investments in film include: Guiding Light, Disney’s Remember the Titans, Ice Princess, Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy, and Heroes. Her performance as Juliette Barnes on Nashville received nominations for the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress — Series, Miniseries or Television Film in 2012 and 2013.

Hayden is also an official supporter of charities and foundations giving part of her investment money to them. She also advocates for the protection of whales and dolphins. The actress is also widely recognized for her fit physique and that is why we see a lot of her in dance movies. She appeared on The Ice Princess as a professional and successful figure skater and also starred in Bring It On, where she played the role of Britney, a head cheerleader. Hayden showed off her gymnastic skills impressively.


Kristin Kreuk did not intend to get a traditional college degree and trained in karate and gymnastics until high school. Although she received training at a national level, she quit because of scoliosis. Kristen’s life changed when a casting director contacted her for a role in the teen drama Edgemont. With the help of this agent, Kristin was cast for the lead role on Snow White: The Fairest of Them All.

She is also famous for her role as Lana Lang in the superhero television series Smallville and as Catherine Chandler in Beauty & the Beast, a series produced by The CW Television Network. Her character in Smallville was often a conversation piece. She gets asked a lot on why her character was killed and why her portrayal in the long-running show was cancelled. Even though Lana Lang was not entirely short lived, she received a lot of hate and negative feedback during her Smallville days.


Julie Benz was told by her acting coach at the tender age of 15 that she would never become a successful actress. This is a phrase that many celebrities get, and, this is the same phrase which proves directors and filmmakers wrong all the time. Julie gives credit to the experience as the best thing that happened to her because it pushed her to pursue her dreams. Her first film role was a small part of a segment in the horror film Two Evil Eyes.

Challenged, Julie studied acting and earned her bachelor’s from New York University. She has also won a Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actress and a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Rita Bennett on the television series Dexter. Nowadays, she remains as beautiful and radiant as she first graced our screens. The blonde beauty remained collected, and she is now focusing most of her time to her married life with husband Rich Orosco.


Susan Olsen is widely known for her role as Cindy Brady on the TV series The Brady Bunch. She’s also known for her appearances in films such as Ironside, Julia, and Gunsmoke. She was able to act alongside Elvis Presley in the set of The Trouble with Girls. As a young child actor, she had a difficult time making friends with kids her age. She also appeared in specials and reunion movies of The Brady Bunch.

Aside from being an actress, she is also an artist and a well-known animal rights advocate. Part of her investments is devoted to animal rescue organizations. The beautiful blonde actress dedicated most of her time in art after her acting career. She invented a marshmallow inspired art which she called Fluffart. Also, she constantly donates to a number of animal rights organizations, participates in arts with an agenda, and remains a very talented artist with expertise in more than one craft.


Jami Gertz is a name we constantly hear in the 1990s and even up to now. She is famously known for her role in Crossroads, Quicksilver, The Lost Boys and Less Than Zero. She also made appearances on TV and was known in the 1980s for her roles in Twister, Square Pegs and CBS’ Still Standing, where she played Judy Miller. She got married to Anthony Ressler back in 1989 and they were blessed with three sons.

The couple made a wise decision to join their investment money together with Mark Atanasio for the NBA team Atlanta Hawks. They also regularly donate to charity organizations and various advocacies such as the Giving Back Fund and the Melanoma Research Alliance. This brunette beauty remains elegant and young looking even in her more advanced years. Unknown to a few, aside from being a business owner, Jami also has an impressive list of projects both in and outside of the entertainment industry.


Betty White is a true legend in Hollywood. Not only was she loved by many, but all her investment planning also turned out to be fruitful as she was also supported by the public when she produced her own sitcom, Life with Elizabeth. This may be because of her comedic flair and natural talent that is incomparable to her contemporaries. Her show was even included in the list of 101 Best Sitcoms of All Time by the Writers Guild of America.

The Honorary Mayor, which is what she was known for, has made a significantly long record in her eight decades. Imagine someone who has all 80 years of her existence dedicated to the movie industry. Anyone who can look up pictures of Betty online when she was younger would be in awe of her beauty. Now, she still remains as gorgeous and elegant on and off screen. She received a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame which basically sums up her contribution to the movie industry.


The sitcom The Cosby Show launched Phylicia Rashad’s career as an actress. But she’s no ordinary woman. Phylicia holds the record for being the first black woman to win the Tony Award for Best Actress for her performance in the play, A Raisin in the Sun. Her other Broadway credits include Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Gem of the Ocean. At the NAACP Image Awards in 2010, she was named “The Mother of the Black Community”, making her a gem.

Phylicia continues in her craft and appears on Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. She is also set to star in the upcoming Netflix film, Jingle Jangle. A few of the most exciting things about the holiday season are the new movies and songs that would be released each year. Netflix has produced some of the biggest hits when it comes to both movies and TV shows. It would be a great honor for Phylicia to grace the screen again.


She’s definitely a Hollywood queen and we bet you’ll agree with us too! Demi Moore is not just a pretty face; she’s a bankable star as well. She was the highest-paid actress in film history in 1996 after she earned $12.5 million to star in Striptease. Of course, we’ll never forget our all-time favorite film, Ghost, where she starred alongside heartthrob Patrick Swayze. Their tandem brought shocks comparable to electricity in the world of film. The 1990s was definitely Demi’s decade!

Today, the actress continues to appear on the screen. She is set to star in the film Songbird and in the upcoming TV series, Brave New World. Struggling with a few health issues, Demi is open about what caused all of her drama to the world. She chose to share her journey to her fans and so that they could also be inspired at how she was able to face the hardships facing her now. Of course, we want the best for the actress and hope that she overcomes any problems she encounters.


“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” for Diana Ross! She has achieved high acclaim in the music and acting scenes. After her split with the vocal group The Supremes, she attained more success as a solo artist, and her hit songs I’m Coming Out and Endless Love can certainly vouch for that. Now 76 years old, the award-winning singer still has no plans of retiring. She continues performing on tours and as a matter of fact, she also performs on a mini-residency at a Las Vegas hotel.

With an accumulated net worth of $250 million, she will never experience bankruptcy, nor see the need to take out personal loans. Even though Diana is now 76 years old, she will forever be known as one of the best female artists in the world. Aside from popularizing disco hits, she also belted out the most romantic song of all time with Lionel Richie, the song Endless Love which today remains to be the most played song during weddings.


Victoria Principal has worn several hats as an actress, author, producer, and entrepreneur. She even set aside her dream to become a lawyer, after she was given the script for Dallas—one of the most popular shows during its run. All these investments were fruitful and she was able to establish her own company, the Victoria Principal Productions. Aside from that, she also does work on different publications such as The Beauty Principal, The Diet Principal, The Body Principal, and Living Principal. Through these platforms, she talks about health, fitness, beauty, and skincare.

She’s a woman with a goal and we’re absolutely inspired! Her interest in natural beauty therapies is what inspired other supermodels and actresses today like Miranda Kerr to shift from non-organic to organic skin care. She had a very promising career during her time, and after her time in show business, she wisely invested her time on another career in which she is very passionate about.


Sophia Loren was a beauty queen before she became an actress. Blessed with poise and timeless beauty, she used both to full advantage for her career. She successfully made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. As her passion grew even stronger, she decided to pursue a career in acting. She isn’t just a beautiful face; Sophia had quite the natural talent for acting as well. Critics credit her performances in Two Women, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Houseboat, Marriage Italian Style, and many more. She is still recognized as one of the best actresses in Hollywood today.

Some of Sophia’s most iconic looks are being re-created in magazines during photo shoots of supermodels and other actresses. Her hair and body has been a symbol of beauty for a very long time. Up to now, her fashion style remains a phenomenon and an inspiration to many famous fashion designers locally and worldwide.


If we could describe the 1950s and the 1960s with only the name of one female celebrity, it would definitely be Brigitte Bardot. She is Parisian by birth, having been born and raised in the glamorous city of Paris, France. During her early years, she focused on ballet, but later moved onto acting in 1952. The celebrity later became a global sensation when she starred in her iconic role in the movie And God Created Woman. Brigitte earned several awards and gained more recognition for adapting a modern lifestyle and was dubbed the “most liberated woman of post-war France”.

Now 85, Brigitte spends most of her days in her property investment in St. Tropez. She was always referred to as B.B. back in the days. Her blonde hair blue eye combination combined with her perfect model-ish body is the reason why she will always be labeled as one the most beautiful woman in the world. She is the epitome of beauty and fitness in her time. Today, she focuses on advocating for animal rights, a passion she had since she started since the early 1970s.


Jaclyn Smith was better known for her title “face of an angel” in the 1960s, making her quite a good fit as part of Charlie’s Angels. Getting the role of Kelly Garrett helped give her career a boost. She was also the only original cast member who stayed throughout the production of the show. Her beauty remains timeless and the actress continued to appear in films such as Rage of Angels, Nightmare in Delight, George Washington Kaleidoscope, and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.

Later, she made investments into an industry she knows quite well and released her own skin care line, Jaclyn Smith Beauty. Nowadays, Jaclyn is active on social media specifically on Twitter. Jaclyn also embarked on a fashion journey being a designer, and wowed the fashion industry with her talent and gifts. She has produced bedding and baths and accessories. Further expanding her market, she also collaborated with Paula Young Wigs.

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