Traveling On A Budget: Best Places To Go

Traveling doesn’t mean you need to max out your credit cards or go into bankruptcy, because there are a lot of places that you can travel on a budget. These places are actually on the bucket list of many because they are not only affordable but also beautiful. So if you’re traveling on a budget, these places below will surely work on your end.

1.Central America

One of the most affordable places to travel to is Central America. This part of America has a lot of delicious food to eat, beaches to surf, and jungles to trek. You can start your itinerary in Guatemala, working your way to Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador. These places can offer you hotels that only cost $16 per night, while meals can be as cheap as $3.

You can also visit Costa Rica, Panama, or Beliza, though these destinations are quite expensive. But this only means that your money can go a long way in Central America.

2. Fiji

Fiji is another destination that can work on your budget. This island can let you enjoy friendly locals, delicious food, amazing diving spots, and pristine beaches without having to get a personal loan to afford this trip. A lot of backpackers are going to Fiji because of cheap activities, transportation, and guesthouses. Even non-backpackers can find these things a great deal.

3. Cambodia

Cambodia is a destination in Southeast Asia that you will also love. Besides the hospitable locals, the country is also beautiful and affordable. You can already get a nice air-conditioned and private room for only $20, while transportation all over the country can only cost $20. A good street meal only costs $2, so if you are living at $50 daily, then you are already spending a lot here. Of all the countries in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is the cheapest that you can go to without having to worry about a place. It’s the country that is considered backpacker-friendly.

4. South Korea

South Korea may not always be a popular destination for backpackers, but it is a good place to go to. In this place, you can enjoy their delicious food without spending a lot. You can even buy beers for only less than one dollar. Everything is cheap in South Korea but is very beautiful. You shouldn’t worry about anything because there are a lot of international flights going there.

5. India

Another cheap and beautiful country is India, where you can get a ride for only $1. In this country, spending $50 per day can be hard because of how cheap everything is. You can find accommodations for only $30, and local foods are also cheap. The country has curious and helpful locals, top-class food, and a great cultural history. You will never go wrong traveling to India.

6. Portugal

People think that European countries are expensive and may require you to mortgage your house just to travel there. But one of the euro countries that are cheap yet beautiful is Portugal. A lot of people fell in love with this place because of the jovial locals, delicious food, stunning cliffs, and of course, their wines. However, things can change budget-wise once you get out of Portugal.


These are some of the budget-friendly countries that you can travel to without breaking your bank or getting a loan. They are not only cheap, but certainly very beautiful.

Based on Materials from Nomadic Matt
Photo Sources: Ree, Damon Hall, Kon Karampelas