Practical Tips on Saving Money For Your Travel Goals

Traveling can be considered an investment. It is one of the many things that people love to do but due to financial issues, some can’t travel as often as they want like jetting off somewhere relaxing like the Maldives or somewhere in the secret villages in Southeast Asia. But with the travel costs most travelers had to face, finances can be a problem.

Budgeting and saving for your next trip may not be that easy, especially if you have unrealistic goals. Besides savings, you also need to commit to the budget that you have. Savings don’t need to be complicated, as some people say. All you need to have are a good plan and a motivation so you can save for your next trip.

Here are realistic tips on how you can save money for your next trip. These tips will ensure that you have enough cash, so you no longer have to rely on your credit cards:

1. Start Making a Budget

The first thing that you need to do so you can start saving for your next trip is to begin budgeting. You need to know what places you’re going to and how much do all the activities, food, accommodations, and airfare will cost you. All of these are important because they will provide you with an estimated total cost that you need.

You also need to check as to how many weeks or months until your next trip. This will help you divide all of the required costs and the amount that you need to save. Also, budgeting can help you set aside some cash every week until the day of your trip. You can call this your “future spending” as financial advisors call it.

2. Keep Yourself Motivated

You also need to make sure that you keep yourself motivated while you’re saving for that trip. You can start picturing out your destination by printing it out and taping it or hanging it on your wall. You can also use it as the background image of your desktop or your mobile phone. This will surely keep you well motivated since you can see what you’re saving for.

3. Reduce Conveniences

It would be best to also start reducing life’s conveniences, and this includes coffees or chips that you purchase right before lunch or dinner. You can check your credit card statements or your bank accounts so you can see where your money ends up. If you see some conveniences, then it would be best to start reducing these things and putting them into your savings. Some of the other conveniences include online magazines, paid subscriptions, and such.

4. Rethink Your Subscriptions

As mentioned above, you can start canceling your subscriptions. If you have Spotify, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, and Showtime, then it would be best to look for alternatives that are free. If you are paying for a cable provider, then better. If you really can’t leave without Netflix, then it would be best to start cutting down, like considering sharing with your family for the account. Everyone who has access to Netflix should pay for their share.

5. Bulk Buying

You can save a few bucks if you start bulk buying the things that you need instead of just buying a few pieces. You can start buying in bulk the things that you often use, including laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, alcohol, soap, and butter.


These are practical tips on how to save money for your next trip without having to rely on your credit card. Remember that traveling is a great experience, and you can consider it as an investment that you can remember forever.

Based on Materials from Travel and Leisure
Photo Sources: Thanakorn Phanthura, Helena Lopes, Artem Beliaikin