Want to Travel the World for Free? It’s Possible! Here Are the 6 Things You Should Do

Traveling the world for free is may only sound like a dream, but it’s possible. There are ways that you can go across the globe without touching your investment money. However, you should still consider getting travel insurance to keep you safe.

Have a free accommodation, fares, and other activities that will let you wander around the globe without shelling out even a single cent! How will you do that? Here are six ways that will allow you to visit different countries without spending.

1. Get Free Flights

If you can’t afford to buy a plane ticket, there are ways that you can earn free flights. By signing up for travel credit cards and collecting miles, you can start flying for free. Most credit cards today are offering sign-up bonuses of 50,000 points. Also, if you sign up for both an airline card and a general rewards card, you can add up the scores from these two and earn a free flight. Points and miles that you get through credit card bonuses and other methods that give you rewards may end up securing you free trips all over the world.

2. Free Accommodation

If you get free flights, you can also work on free accommodation. There are services today that connect travelers to locals, who let tourists stay with them without any cost. You can use Couchsurfing, Servas, or Global Freeloaders to look for a free place to stay. Whether it be sleeping on an air mattress, a couch, or if you’re in luck, in a room, what important is you have a place to live. If you want to make friends, these apps also offer group meet-ups so that you can meet new people in the city that you will be in.
Also, with the rise of the sharing economy, you can find people who are willing to share rides, meals, train tickets, and more. So, if you have pocket money, you can easily consider the right money management here.


Hitchhiking is quite too common nowadays. Through this, you can go from one country to another without spending any money. There are a lot of people who are doing it, and it is considered relatively safe. Some sole female travelers are doing this practice. Although there is negative news about this in North America, it is important to trust your instinct and always be careful if you hitchhike in whatever place. Your financial advisor will surely be happy if you save money by hitchhiking.

4. Free Walking Tours

If you want to wander around the city that you’re in, you can try free walking tours. You don’t have to pay a fare, and you can freely go from one place to another through walking. There are free walking tours in Europe, large Asian cities, South America, New York, Australia, and New Zealand. You can even ask the local tourist office or search online if the country you’re in offers this kind of tour. Surely, you will never get tired of seeing the beautiful places while walking, and to some degree, it is even beneficial for your health.

5. Be a Caretaker

You can also have a vacation for free if you apply as a caretaker. Watch someone’s house or their pet as they go on their own holiday and at the same time, you enjoy yours. This will let you have free accommodation, saving you a ton of money from paying expensive hotel rooms. You can even use their kitchen so that you can also save money from buying food, avoiding cash loans. For house sitting, here are the sites that you can try: Trusted Housesitter, Home Exchange, and House Cares. All of these are legit, so you’re safe to apply here.

6. Ask Your Friends and Relatives

If your friends have a relative in a place you want to stay, or if you have a relative in a different country, you can ask if you can stay with them while having a vacation. This will not only give free accommodation but also have someone to be with you in a different place. You can even ask anything about the country you are going to visit so that you’ll know a thing or two about it. Through this, you can save a lot of money and put it instead on your investment.

Based on Materials from Nomadic Matt
Photo Sources: Freepik, Discover Prague, Pexels