Money-Saving Tips on How To Enjoy African Safari Within Your Budget

The African Safari is among the most popular bucket-listed places. For you to achieve this, you might want to work on your money management skills. This adventure allows you to let go of the pressure in your everyday life and embrace the primal call of the wild. It’s not just about the animals, though. The stunning natural beauty of the African Savannah will complete the whole experience.

Many would say that the African safari is only available for the rich with the great looking credit reports, but people with experience say that it is only a myth. If you carefully plan your trip, there will be no reason for you to miss this type of adventure. This article will give you tips on how to achieve this once in a lifetime experience.

Choose Your Destination Carefully

One of the most important steps in achieving an affordable safari is choosing a destination that works within your budget. East Africa is the most famous, yet it’s too luxurious. It has all the lavish safari lodges and expensive park fees. Places like Kenya and Tanzania are often suited to people that have a high credit scores.

Now, if you’re on a budget, places like South Africa and Namibia are the budget-friendly safari destinations. These places are accessible and have different choices when it comes to game reserves and operators. It also charges local currencies instead of US dollars. They have great infrastructure for people who opt for self-drive safaris, overland tours, and camping safaris. Another excellent option is Zimbabwe, which has low cost offers when it comes to food, transport, and accommodation. If you are not that picky in accommodations and you are just contented with whatever roofing over your head, you could always choose a cheaper place to stay.

Join a Group Safari Tour

When it comes to group safari tours, there are plenty of options to choose from. There are options such as minibus tours, especially for mature travelers to social backpacker excursions with popular overland companies such as the Nomad African Adventure Tours. This might be a great option for you, especially because it is way cheaper than private tours. Also, you could meet other travelers that can be your friends. After all, the social aspect of this type of tour will be one of your greatest investments. Meanwhile, if you are not fond of a strict schedule-compliance, then you might want to seek other options.

Opt for a Self-Drive Safari

To make the most of their trip, some people would want to have a little more freedom. If you are that person, you could choose to self-drive. You can rent a vehicle and drive independently, going to your chosen reserves. The pros of this choice are quite many: you could work on an itinerary that works best for your interest, and you could always change it whenever you like. You can also decide on when to stop and take photos, the way to go within the reserve, and where to stay at night.

However, choosing this option also have its cons. Of which is the lack of an expert local guide. Unless you work it out with a guide that suits your budget, then you could thoroughly enjoy this. Also, you need to choose destinations and safari parks that have safe roads and allow self-drive vehicles. Both South Africa and Namibia allow this option, and you just have to check your gas from time to time.

Travel During Low Season

The African safari low season is usually during the rainy season. Prices for safari tours and accommodations usually fall dramatically. Not only do low prices give you quite an advantage, the rain also brings lush landscapes and fewer crowds. You might also catch the baby season for many herbivores as well as the year’s best birding. However, the downside of this season is that with bountiful water and food everywhere, the animals can be harder to spot, especially in the area with thick undergrowth. The roads can also be a little difficult to navigate, considering the flood and muddy flooring.

Based on Materials from Trip Savvy
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