7 Tips to Save Money for Overspending Women While Traveling Solo

Do you tend to overspend when you’re traveling alone? These 10 female bloggers, who often go solo, have the best tips for you if you want to save up. From packing food to safety and more, you can enjoy your solo travel without breaking the bank. You don’t even have to max out your credit card or opt for a loan when you follow their advice.

So ditch those myths about traveling solo and listen to these modern women who will tell you how to make the most out of your journey without overspending with these seven tips.

Work as an Au Pair

Travel blogger Ashley Fleckenstein from Ashley Abroad revealed she worked as an au pair when she was in France to have a free place to stay and get additional income, avoiding personal loans. She did what a typical au pair does. She cooked, cleaned, and looked after a child.

However, doing this job may require you to stay for a while in the country you’re in. Also, accommodation may vary from living with the family to living in your own apartment.

Work as a House Sitter

Another possible way to have free accommodation is to house sit. Amanda Burger from Burger Abroad did the same to save money while traveling. She was a fulltime, professional house sitter, but she considers it as a sideline to have a place to stay while exploring a different country. However, anyone who wants to do the same should be ready for the responsibility that comes with the work. It is also an advantage if you’re an animal lover as this work often comes with pets.

Stay in a Hostel

If you don’t want to work while you’re traveling, you can choose a cheaper option for a place to stay — a hostel. Michela Fantinel from Rocky Travel encouraged women to enjoy the experience of traveling alone and staying in a hostel. Here, they will meet new people and socialize. It is also cheaper than staying in a hotel, which will help you save a tremendous amount of money, ending up not maxing out your credit card.

Join Overland Tours

If you want to complete your adventure, you should try to visit remote places. But if you don’t want to make it alone, you can always join overland tours. Helen Davis from Helen in Wonderlust gave credits to overland tours, which she did when she stayed in Africa for a few months. When you do this, you could enjoy the benefits of built-in transport, accommodations, and social connections. Your budget would differ in the places you go to. However, you should know what to expect when you join this tour. For instance, Davis helped to do the camp dishes.

Avoid Overpacking

Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse advised women solo travelers to avoid overpacking. They should only use a carry-on to save on baggage fees and space, avoid lost luggage, and also save time. Kiersten Rich from The Blonde Abroad added that bringing solid-colored clothing could help you mix and match your clothes to maximize the number of your style. Paying for your laundry while traveling also comes cheaper than paying for extra luggage.

Be Flexible

Gloria Atanmo from The Blog Abroad advised that being flexible is important when traveling. Whenever she travels, she tends to buy one-way tickets so that she can change her plans if she wants to. Annette White from Bucket List Journey also added that you could travel with an itinerary, but you have to make sure you follow it so that you can avoid spending more credits.

Be Aware of Transportation Cost

You should be aware of the transportation cost or the average rate in the places you will go. Erica Villas from Girl Unspotted advised that if you don’t want to experience her nightmare (she was ripped off by a cab driver), then make sure you know the average cost of commuting. You also have to know where you can exchange currency to avoid paying a higher fee. Renuka Walter from Voyager for Life added that costly transportation could be budget busters that might max out your credits.

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