7 Most Affordable Ways to Wander Around Europe

Going to Europe is relatively expensive, so what more if you want to wander around the country? You have a lot to consider – from the fare to the place you’ll stay in, food, and shopping. Thanks to these new trends, you can now travel around Europe at a budget price.
You don’t have to use all of your investment money as the rise of the sharing economy, new bus options, and the increase of new budget airlines are all budget-friendly. You can also try backpacking so that you can go wherever you want to go. Now, it is easier to travel to Europe with these new travel styles.
So, here are the seven most affordable ways that will let you wander around Europe.


You can go around the United Kingdom- England, Scotland, and Wales – for only 1 GBP via Megabus. It will also let you travel around Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. However, for you to take advantage of this low price, you have to book your ride at least a month before – especially if you’re opting to go to famous spots.
If you don’t manage to secure a booking, you have to pay 20 GBP, which is still cheaper than the national bus system. Megabus also operates trains for some destinations to the U.K., starting only at 10 GBP. Hence, you won’t max out your credit card here.


Busabout is a hop-on/hop-off bus that will let you get on and off wherever you want, as long as it is part of its route. A lot of backpackers use this service. You will also have a chance to meet other travelers here.
Busabout offers a two-week pass for $299 and a six-month pass for $1,499. These are the best deals if you’re going to travel to Europe that long. You can buy tickets that come with several stops. Aside from traveling, some tickets come with a guide and group activities. Although it is more expensive than a regular public bus, you can be sure that you can roam around the country without getting lost. With this price, it may also come with travel insurance.


The new German-based FlixBus is a total game-changer. It changes the bus system in Europe by having routes in 20 European countries and thousands of cities with a starting price of – hold your breath – 5 Euros only. It also assures its passengers’ comfort with its features like Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, comfortable seats, and you can bring up to three free bags. You can compare this to Megabus, although this one is way better. You can still have a clean credit report if you continuously use your credit cards here.

4.Budget Airlines

If you’re going to travel to a more distant place in Europe, your best option will be budget airlines. Budget airlines are now a thing in Europe and the competition is tight with the emergence of cheaper fares. There is even a fare that only costs 1 Euro. If you can’t manage to sit for long hours on the bus, budget airlines are the best for you.
You can try Vueling, Ryanair, EasyJet, Aigle Azur, Eurowings, Flybe, Norwegian Air, and Wizz Air. You can also use Skyscanner and Momondo to find the best deals.
However, you have to keep in mind that budget airlines benefit through fees. So if you mess up, they will impose you with payments. They are very particular with baggage limits and boarding passes, so you have to make sure that you only bring the required baggage weight and have printed your boarding pass. You won’t want to touch your investments for this.

5.Eurail Pass

If the bus is not your thing and airlines are too stressful for you, train traveling will surely suit you. Here, you can enjoy sitting in a big seat and sightseeing the beautiful surrounding of Europe. If you want to wander around the country or will be traveling across the distant areas, Eurail Pass is the best travel option that is budget-friendly. Your financial advisor will never be mad at you for buying separate tickets to see different cities.


BlaBlaCar is the result of the rising of the sharing economy. It is a rideshare method of traveling by people who have extra space in their car. If you find a ride that agrees to take you to the place that you want to go to, you can save up a few Euros. You can find trips that only cost as little as 5 Euros. It is, indeed a sound money management system. You will not only save up but also meet new people as well.


This may be the most affordable way to travel across Europe – hitchhiking. This method is quite common in the country, so it is safer than you think. Here, you will not only save on gas but also find a new friend, too. However, you still have to trust your instinct, use your common sense, and always be sharp when you opt for hitchhiking. Although this is deemed to be safe, you have to make sure that you’re in good hands.

Based on Materials from Nomadic Matt
Photo Sources: nbsnews, Pixabay, Journal of nomads