4 Important Tips to Save Money While Traveling Solo

Traveling solo comes with a big responsibility. You should watch your back, know your limitations, and of course, live on a budget. If you tend to overspend, you may end up maxing out your credit card or opt for money loans, which will be more costly because of the additional interests and whatnots. So, if you want to save money still and enjoy the journey of your solo trip, you should follow these four important tips.

Be Flexible with the Travel Date and Place

We know you want to visit a country on the best time and date, but doing this may come very costly. You have to be flexible in your travel dates and places if you want to save money, but at the same time enjoy your travel. Through this, you can find more good deals than paying for peak season rates. You can secure a flight, accommodation and other things at a fraction of a price if you go on offseason.

Take Advantage of Free Activities

There are free or donation-based activities that you can find in most cities that you will visit. You can take advantage of these things to avoid shelling out money to pay for additional costs. You can do your research to know what these free activities are and check the newspapers, websites, and magazines to see what you can do. Also, you may make a list of the free museums, festivals, workshops, and tours that you can join in or go to. Although doing these things may take a lot of time, it is better than spending a huge amount of money. You surely don’t want to end up in bankruptcy due to your vacations.

Avail Great Deals

There are sites that offer great deals, like on tours, restaurants, and activities. For instance, you can avail great offers from Groupon, a worldwide e-commerce marketplace that connects travelers to local merchants and offers activities, travel, goods, and services. You can do a lot of activities here, like participating in a run, visiting a museum, and more for a fraction of a price. You won’t only save using these sites but also enjoy your traveling experience to the fullest, banking into your investment of memories.

Work for Your Accommodation

Accommodations will take a significant cut on your travel budget. So, if you manage to secure a free lodging, it will be big savings for you. It will be more economical if you get a free place to stay. After all, you will be spending much of your time exploring the outside than staying in a hotel room. Basically, you will only use if for sleeping.

If you’re going to stay in your destination for a few weeks and don’t mind working for your accommodation, you can try Workaway, where you can trade your skill in exchange for free lodging. You can do a variety of works here, from helping to farming to pitching and more. You can now save or use the money you have for accommodation for yourself or for other investments.


There are a variety of ways that you can enjoy your vacation without overspending. The money you save can go a long way. It can be added up to your investment or payments for your credit card or loans. However, being on a budget doesn’t mean you don’t need to avail travel insurance to keep you safe. Your safety is always essential. Follow all these tips and you will surely have your best holiday yet.

Based on Materials from Travel Noire

Photo Sources: Travel and Leisure, Pixabay, Upgraded Points