3 Asian Countries to Add to Your Budget-friendly Travel List

Asian countries are some of the cheapest to go to. In these countries, you could visit ancient temples, see bizarre architectures, taste exotic food, and experience being one with nature. Here, we could give you tips as you plan ahead and do money management while preparing for your budget trip.


Vietnam is one of the Asian countries that draws budget travelers. Almost everything in the country is affordable, from the accommodation and transportation, to food and drinks. However, do watch out for scams to keep you and your budget safe. Pay close attention to your change in every transaction, and don’tdon’t forget to haggle to get the best deals.

Budget Breakdown:

Accommodation Cost: If you are not picky when it comes to the roofing over your head, the average cost for a guest house or budget hotel ranges from 300,000 VND or USD 12.85.

Meals: If you opt to dine in a cheap restaurant, the average price would be 40,000 VND or 1.70 USD. You could always choose to eat their street food! After all, they are famous for it.

Daily Budget: If you choose the cheapest way to travel, then your daily budget will just range to 930,000 VND or 40 USD.

2. Malaysia

Malaysia is a popular holiday destination in Southeast Asia. Peninsular Malaysia and the country itself is surprisingly affordable. Just choose the cheap tourist spots as the cost can go higher when you explore Malaysia Borneo. The country’s great infrastructure is probably one of your trip’s highlights, especially when you head to Kuala Lumpur. The transportation cost in the country is quite low as well.

Malaysia has a place for everyone. From wildlife-rich national parks, beautiful beaches, rolling hills, olde-worlde towns, to their modern cities. You could also go to Langkawi Island for some tax-free fun and land to Penang for some of Asia’s best street food.

Important Tip: Cut your alcohol consumption to save more when you are in Malaysia. Drinking alcohol in the country is quite expensive.

Accommodation: An average budget hotel or a room from a guest house is around 43 MYR or 10.60 USD. You could always ask if they allow credit cards.

Daily budget: If you are on a tight budget and not so picky with your accommodation and meals, your daily budget is around 165 MYR or 41 USD.

3. Thailand

Thailand is also one of the most popular go to places in Asia for it is budget-friendly. The country is known for its glorious beaches and islands. Also, the place has cultural sites and tons of diversity. The country’s highlights would be Sam Phan Bok, which is the Grand Canyon of Thailand. The Ancient Khmer-era ruins, the thriving city of Khon Kaen, and the unusual bottle temple, which is located in Sisket Province. There are plenty of options in Thailand and the establishments also accept credit cards. But you could probably save more if you exchange your currency and stick within your budget.

Accommodation: The average cost of budget hotel or a guest house room ranges from 450 THB or 10.60 USD. Most budget travelers do not spend much in their accommodation. Some advice to opt for a cheap hotel as you would be busy with your adventures.

Meals: The average cost of cheap meals may range from 100 THB or 3.10 USD.

Daily budget: If you are really good with your money management, your daily budget can be as low as 46 USD.

Based on Materials from Tripzilla
Photo Sources: Shutterstock, Lonely Planet, Zika News, Fodors